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February 20th 2010
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Haha today was really fun. We started off having breakfast in this cute little place, i have passed a million times but never gone in. I had eggs benedict minus the sauce. It was fabulous!! We then met up with the CEA group from gallway that are here from the weekend. There were 8 of them so it made it really nice to be part of big group for a while. We walked over to the finbarr cathedral but it was closed due to conservation so we couldnt go inside. we were told that we would try go later, when it was open. So we headed off the the jameson distillery. It was great! ahah the tour was really funny, but wasnt supposed to be and then at the end kristen and i got to be part of the group that did whiskey tasting on top of getting a free drink. We got to sample a half-shot of the jameson against the scotish and the american whiskeys. Oh man the american kind was TERRIBLE!! the scotish wasn't that bad and the jameson was grand like! There were a few other testers with us from america also studying in cork, it was fun. And then after that we got a certificate saying that we were official testers and were given our free drink. I had jameson and gingerale. It was really good and we both left the place a little tipsy and yes it was only 4 o'clock in the afternoon and we were on a program trip haha it was funny (only in ireland haha). We then went to this really nice place for dinner around 5 and we got a €25 allowance so we were able to get a 3 course meal, each of us. It was incredible! I had these spicy chicken pieces, then a burger with chips and lastly a little toffee cake with ice cream. I am SO full but it was so so good!!

Tonight we are going out with the people from gallway, so it should be interesting.

hope you all have a great day! talk to you later. (oh ill put up pics tomorrow from both days.)


24th February 2010

Jameson's the only way to go (according to the various matriarchs of the family) and Buschmill's just should never be acknowledged as existing! Your meal sounds exquisite! I'm seriously jealous of your food experiences!
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