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Europe » Ireland » County Cork » Cork December 19th 2013

For those of you receiving email updates about my blog from subscribing when I was in Papua New Guinea, I'm now in Ireland! I figured I would keep the blogging going. My brother, David, is doing a master's program in Edinburgh, Scotland, and so I figured I would go spend a week in Ireland before heading over to Edinburgh for Christmas. If you aren't interested in non-PNG blogs, then I recommend unsubscribing from the email list. First impression of Ireland: holy green. Ireland certanly lives up to is reputation of being green. I noticed the grass as we were landing in the plane. Everything is growing. Trees and even steel bridges and sidewalks have all manner of green lichens and mosses growing bountifully. In the moss on the trees ferns can sometimes be found sproutng. After ... read more
Some swans at a butcher in the English Market
Staircase in St. Anne's Church

Europe » Ireland » County Cork » Cork October 20th 2013

The weather looked promising when we woke after a good night’s sleep and we hope that it continues for the day as our plan is to drive down to the coast south of Cork and explore the coastline. The roundabouts in Ireland are even more confusing than those in England where you have to get into the right lane for exiting the roundabout or you will get tooted at if you get it wrong and obviously put yourself at risk of getting rammed! And the one at the hotel that we had to negotiate to get on our way was a doosy as it went under a main highway and had 4 sets of traffic lights in it to add to the need for concentration. It took us two attempts to get in the right lane ... read more
Some brave hikers on the headland
The coastline north from the Old Head of Kinsale
The headland with the golf course on

Europe » Ireland » County Cork » Cork October 19th 2013

We are missing the toaster! Breakfast is just not quite the same without hot buttered toast with jam or peanut butter. We have had to make do with croissants after our muesli, fruit and yogurt and it’s not quite the same. So that’s something we are looking forward to, other than seeing the family and friends in the flesh again when we get back home. We are not having quite the luck we need with the weather at the start of the day and this morning it is raining again although thankfully the forecast is for the rain to clear. Today we are heading inland to the small town of Millstreet on the trail of my great, great grandfather Michael Mahony to try and put some missing pieces in the ancestry puzzle on my late mother’s ... read more

Europe » Ireland » County Cork » Cork July 31st 2013

Well the typical Irish weather has caught up to us big time. It is cold, windy, and boy is it raining. This is definitely not a passing shower. We are off to county Clare to see the Cliffs of Mohr. These are the cliffs of insanity in "The Princess Bride". The weather is insanity too. The wind is whipping and the rain feels like little knives. As we approached the cliffs, we entered the visitor's center. I see many pictures of puffins. Puffins must come to this location! I begin to get excited, and cry. The thought that puffins might be nearby is overwhelming. Background: I absolutely love puffins. They are the cutest Arctic birds. Alas, as we make our way to the cliffs; I start to come down to the realization that no bird is ... read more

Europe » Ireland » County Cork » Cork July 7th 2013

Docked in Cobh (Cove) Ireland, this morning early, a bit on the chilly side but as the day progressed warmed up very nicely, top of 25, 26. We have been so lucky with the weather, the locals said it was the hottest summer day they have had for years!!! Met by Mike from Paddy Wagon Tours and taken direct to Blarney Castle before everyone arrived first up the castle and had a great view over the estate, NO did not kiss theBlarney Stone, YUK! Then had a walk around Blarney, went to the Woollen Mills and then drove onto Kinsale which is a pretty little harbour town en route went through some beautiful farming country, (very, very green and lush) had the most yummy seafood chowder in the pub and a pint of Murphy's (Muz, it ... read more


Europe » Ireland » County Cork » Cork June 24th 2013

We arrive in Dublin to a very cool and overcast day! 12C. Quick processing through custom with a delightful agent who set a fabulously friendly tone for our time here. We opted for a GPS unit with the rental car as Trev's memory of streets etc is very faint. Off we go to Trev's uncle & aunt's house. 37 year old memory was accurate and he remembered their address! Wonderful warm welcome and great 4 hour walk down memory lane. Plugged in the address for our stop in Cork and promptly disagreed with the GPS. We knew we were heading south and it told us to go on M50 north!! So our disagreement resulted in a 2 hour trip taking 3.5 hours and a wonderful, if somewhat longer, drive down the east coast of souther Ireland ... read more
Dublin Family
Jet lag
Fiona Savard

Europe » Ireland » County Cork » Cork April 20th 2013

I woke up and started my way on my last trip in Ireland. I cannot believe this all went by so fast. Randi and I took a bus to Cork and caught a bus to Blarney from there. As we walked onto the castle grounds, I was amazed at the flower and scenery. I am so glad that I didn't visit until now, when the flowers were in bloom. We followed a river to the castle to make our way up to the infamous Blarney Stone. On the side of the castle was the entrance to the dungeons. The area was very small and there wasn't enough room to stand up. I wonder how they used it as a dungeon. As we walked through the castle, we got to see all the different rooms and the ... read more
Blarney Castle
Blarney Castle
Blarney Castle

Europe » Ireland » County Cork » Cork August 27th 2012

Our trip to Ireland didn’t really turn out as planned. I managed to pick up a rather nasty seafood related bug on day two of the four day long weekend. It was rather scary as it led to numbness and gripping pains, and given it struck Sunday and nothing was open we ended up taking a quick trip to the Bantry hospital to ensure it was nothing more sinister. However let me start from the beginning. We arrived in at Cork around noon on Friday to some typical Irish weather, somewhat like London summer... driving rain. The traffic for some reason in and around Cork was terrible. Given the rain meant the walking self tour of Cork was a non-starter so we headed to Blarney Castle. There was a lovely grounds and the Castle itself is ... read more

Europe » Ireland » County Cork » Cork July 28th 2012

July 28 Saturday – Cork Today I decided to walk down to the Elizabeth fort by St Fin Barres Cathedral.On the way down I detoured to the extreme west side of the island that Cork is on and ended up walking all over Cork again but not to the fort. So I guess that will be Sundays walk. The weather is so changeable here. It started out blue skies and sunshine, then total dark clouds and a shower , then blue skies and sunshine again. I had a nice walk around the city and checked out St Finbaar's Cathedral and the Elizabethian Fort, then eased back down to the city and up the hill to the hostel for the evening as it was getting a bit chilly. I did a little research on hostels in Kinsale ... read more
The old butter market
Just a little stretch of the legs
This is Saturday ?

Europe » Ireland » County Cork » Cork July 27th 2012

July 27 Friday - Had an interesting but tiring day. I took the 202 bus out to Blackrock Castle. It was a castle built by the English to protect the approaches from the sea to the port of Cork from the Spanish as well as to protect the English rulers from the people of Cork. It has been converted into an observatory and science center and for €6 you can tour the science center as well as part of the castle.... read more
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