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June 4th 2010
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Friday, June 4th:

Early this morning, Christian and his family arrived for breakfast. They are staying nearby at the local sports club. Denisa had gotten really sick the night before and spent most of the evening at the ER with a super high fever. She went and pretty much just laid low in the living room while everyone else ate breakfast and got ready for the day. The plan was to go and celebrate Margit’s birthday at a local restaurant (gasthaus). I let Kenya go with the girls to the playground a few blocks away…I still can’t get over how hard it was to let her go by herself…we would NEVER do something like that in America! That is so sad! Anyway, by 11:30 we all climbed into the various cars and drove the 5 minutes to the restaurant (everyone was dressed up and had heels on, etc…that is why we didn’t walk). The restaurant is located right in the center of town, and is called “Louis MÜller Gasthaus”. We had the party in one of their banquet rooms, and had the most delightful buffet!!! It started out with champagne for the adults and soda for the kids, and then we proceeded down the buffet line. There were all of my aunt’s favorite things: lox, bread, cheeses, fruit, curry chicken, turkey and brown gravy, beef with mushrooms, green bean bundles wrapped in bacon (my favorite), potatoes in a cream sauce, cauliflower with a cheese sauce, and more. There were approximately 20 people in attendance and I think that Margit was very pleased! It was so nice to spend time with family that we hardly ever get to see! I was very proud to introduce Kenya to everyone and have them fall instantly in love with her!  Finally, at two, we were ALL tired and super full! We all went back to my aunt and uncle’s house to open gifts, have dessert, and visit some more. My aunt’s neighbor, Frau Flesch, had baked a three layer cappuccino cake…yummm, and my aunt baked a fruit torte and a chocolate cake….double yummm…my aunt is the best…she gave me a torte pan, and the lemon essence and packets of vanilla sugar that go into the crust, so I can make it at home! What a treat!! 

The rest of the day was spent lounging around outside, in the gorgeous weather, and visiting with family.

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