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May 27th 2007
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Hallo alle!
We arrived back home last night from our trip in Berlin and I think it is safe to say that both Jo and I had a blast. We got the opportunities to go see many things, likely that we will never see again. For instance, we went to an Opera, (I'm not entirely sure I would want to sleep through another), and we went to see the Philharmonic Orchestra. Of the two the Orchestra was my favourite, the music was incredible, almost made me want to take up music lessons...almost. We also went to the Zoo, even if it were only for an hour, we powered our way through and saw as much as we could. In the same day we made it to Checkpoint charlie and the museum there. The next day we had the choice between Sachsenhausen an old concentraion camp, and Potsdam an old Castle. I chose Sachsenhausen, and Jo already having been there chose Potsdam. On my end it was really interesting. It was the first time I saw something like that first hand, and though it is much different than I imagine it had been in its day, it is anything but a cheery place. At one point I was in the basement of a small building where they conducted autopsies and medical experiments, and it was completely empty except for myself and it really bothered me. I was disturbed by thoughts of what would have happened there.
All I managed to get out of Jo about Potsdam was that it was nice, and they wern't allowed to take photos of the inside. So there will be no photos posted here of that, and for Sachsenhausen, I took all my photos with my film camera, I guess you will all have to be patient to see our photos when we return in only four weeks.
The last day in berlin, we had only the morning to explore before we were being taken back to our homes in kassel. Jo and I walked to the Stra├čenbahn station together and then parted ways. Jo went to Schloss Charlottenburg, and I went to Museumsinsel one block with five or six major art museums. Unfortunately due to time constraints, I only had the chance to see the Pergamonmuseum, where I saw the Pergamon altarpiece and many other Ancient Greek and Roman statues and architecture. I have posted a few pictures from there in the Berlin gallery.
After that it was back to the hostel and onto the bus for another 5 hour bus ride back home. Having reached home, I as many other of my fellow students did, slept until I could sleep no more.
I have posted some new photos in our gallery, if you would like to see what we've been up to. Some of the pictures are quite funny, others are just interesting. Hopefully we can figure out Jo's camera and post some of her photos too.
I would also like to thank everyone for their messages. It's really nice to hear from everyone back in Canada, and those from England as well. We will continue to try and keep you updated.
That's all for now, love and hugs for everyone,


28th May 2007

good to hear from you
Hi Sarah and Jo it was very good to hear your voice yesterday Sarah. What an exciting time in Berlin. If someone had asked me if I could imagine my baby girl touring Berlin in a couple short decades I would have said "naaaa" or would that be "nay" or "nine." For me, the most exciting part is the realization of how small the world really is...and how much alike we are around the world. We really are all connected too...as you spoke of your experience in the cellar of the concentration camp I got shivers down my back. You certainly are very brave and I am extremely proud of you. I am sure that God has a special plan for you and your life. Perhaps you will have an opportunity to witness to these experiences and hopefully help avert future horrors. "Knowledge is power" as they say. Will got hired at the bank and Luke is applying for a job in an auto parts factory today...hopefully gets it as it is $20/hr. Love from Mum

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