Day 21 - Freiburg im Breisgau

Published: May 8th 2011EDIT THIS ENTRY

3 weeks. I've been out here 3 weeks and it really doesn't feel that long.

Anyway today I decided I couldn't be bothered to hire a bike (mainly because I didn't trust the brakes of the bikes from the hostel). Instead I went for another walk in the hills to the north of the hostel. I found a couple of amazing viwew points, then decided to follow signs for a viewing tower. After finally finding the tower I realise that it is at the top of the steps that started at one of the viewing points I was at earlier. There were some spectacular, and I mean spectacular views from the top of the tower.

I ate lunch in the sun by the tower and then decided to head for a place marked on the map by a wine glass. I guessed that they would serve drinks there. I walked about 4km to the place and found that it was in a beautiful setting overlooking the valley. Anyway, I had a beer and an ice cream whilst there and then headed homewards. I walked down a beautiful valley right beside a babbling brook. Once I got to the bottom I discovered a spectacularly beautiful river. I lay down by the river for half an hour reading in the sun before walking along it back to the hostel.

When I got to the hostel I went to upload pictures and realised that I couldn't find the cable which connects the camera to the computer and also connects the camera to the mains adaptor. I'm going to need to hope that I can buy another cable in one of the major cities that I'll be in soon.

Tomorrow I go to Italy, via Switzerland.


9th May 2011

Oh love, this all sounds lovely. You've been so lucky with the weather. It would be entirely different if it was pouring down and cold. Lying in parks & by rivers reading in the wonderful. I'll look forward to seeing the photos on the website if you get the cable but even more to looking at them with you when you're home so you can give the commentary. love you, mum

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