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Europe » Estonia » Tallinn June 25th 2011

We have been following the Midsummer celebrations across Northern Europe. In Helsinki all of the young people get all of the beer they can carry and head off into the country and camp around huge fires and drink themselves silly. In Tallinn they seem to drink themselves silly midsummer or not. I think it is mostly the young tourist that are bent on getting drunk and acting like fools. On the ferry over the Baltic sea they had huge tree branches strapped to the boat to celebrate the midsummer. Amber and I snagged a great table on the deck and had some rowdy company that I am sure we did not want to know what they were being so loud about. It is still light for about 16 hour a day. Come to find out they ... read more

Europe » Estonia » Tallinn June 24th 2011

We have arrived in Estonia via our ferry trip across the Baltic Sea. It is always good to be on the water and the site to behold when arriving in Tallinn was amazing. We are staying right in the middle of the old towne, with shops and medieval styled buildings everywhere, the perfect location to be in. The streets are cobble-stoned and it rained buckets there for a while, but that didn't stop us from getting out and enjoying the area. Am a bit surprised that the absolute cheesiness that Las Vegas has created with the Excalibur is really not too far off, in a weird way, hopefully Estonians don't take offense! Tomorrow we will go to the national park and enjoy the city more. Am not able to upload pics, but definitely have some good ... read more

Europe » Estonia » Tallinn June 20th 2011

From Helsinki, it was a simple 3 hour ferry crossing to the Estonian capital Tallinn. The crossing wasn’t the best in the world (how can a ferry not have enough seats on board for all of the passengers?), worsened by the amount of drunk people on board (this was a 9am sailing). This did sort of set the scene for Tallinn though. I wasn’t quite sure what to make of the city. On the one hand, the old town is one of the most beautiful cities I’ve seen – it has the best preserved medieval city walls in the world, with 1.8 of the original 4.2km still remaining, as well as 26 of the original 50 towers. The city is divided into the lower town, where the merchants lived, and the upper town (known as Toompea), ... read more
City Walls
City Walls
Town Hall and Town Hall Square

Europe » Estonia » Tallinn June 14th 2011

In case you were wondering, I did make my flight to Tallinn. The plane landed in Riga with about 5 minutes to spare, but since I wasn’t the only one needing to catch the flight, they held the plane for a few extra minutes so we could all make it. Tallinn, for those of you who are unaware is the small (twice the size of Saskatoon) capital city of Estonia, a small Baltic country, once part of the Soviet Union. It’s a fantastic city, with a lovely old city centre, and I recommend it as a stop to anyone who plans on traveling in this area of the world. The weather has been fantastic, sunny and +30 until yesterday. I am lucky enough to have met the lovely Maarja, from Tallinn, on my previous travels, so ... read more

Europe » Estonia » Tallinn June 10th 2011

Puppets, all kinds of puppets. One of the last things we did in Tallinn was to visit their puppet museum. Nancy's good English student, "V", in Prague is a Master Puppeteer. So she really wanted to see this museum and take pictures to show him. We first found out there was a puppet museum when we saw a 'Rube Goldberg' device in one of the show windows of the museum. It does all it's fantastic moves once an hour and we happened to walk past at the right time. We were quite hungry for lunch and were on our way to a really interesting African restaurant. We ate first and then returned to enjoy a fascinating trip through the magic world of puppetry. As much as we enjoyed it we are sure any child would be ... read more
Beautiful costumes
Big head


Europe » Estonia » Tallinn May 20th 2011

The Ryanair flight from Luton to Tallinn was one of the rowdiest flights I had ever encountered. Being a Friday morning flight, it was full of groups of stag parties who had started drinking at the airport at 9. Luckily the flight was only a couple of hours. On arrival we headed to our old town hotel and went straight to the city bike office for our bike tour. The tour took us out of the old town and out past the massive harbour to Kadriorg, a nice park area containing 2 palaces, an old and a new one. We continued east to the Tallinn Song Festival Grounds, an eerie music bowl built in Soviet times and where choir festivals still draw 100,000 people to the huge sloping lawn area. From there we head back along ... read more
Laemaa National Park
View of Old Town from top of Olaf's Church
Fishing village

Europe » Estonia » Tallinn May 18th 2011

So now I'm a bit annoyed. Not by the sights mind, Tallinn is beautiful, but this damn technology business. I spent a good 3/4 of an hour yesterday updating my blog thinking I might save myself a bit of time tonight and this shi##y site didn't save it!!! I swear I pressed save, several times! Grrrrrrr. Now, I don't really feel like typing for an hour so I'll keep it short(ish). Yesterday, as per normal, I did a whole lot of running around. Tallinn's old town really is exquisite and it is wonderful to get lost in all its little laneways. (Actually, it's better to just decide to get lost than to read the map and try to work out where I am... we all know that that leads to the same thing anyway - lost ... read more
Estonian Salami Prop

Europe » Estonia » Tallinn May 16th 2011

OK, so I made it! Yes, me and my bicycle are together here in Tallinn although it was a bit touch and go at Melbourne airport. .. Damn Finnair and Cathay Pacific with their different policies. But thanks to great parents who helped pay a pretty hefty excess baggage fee and that was even after some negotiation. I almost saw my trip fall apart but all's good in the end. And, I am soooo happy (and proud!) to report that I did indeed manage to pump up my tyres, fix my handle bars, put my seat up, put the wheels back on and the pedals too all by myself. Yay! Who would have thunk it. Mind you, I didn't do it in world record time and I did have an audience which was a little disconcerting ... read more

Europe » Estonia » Tallinn March 21st 2011

Tallinn, our final stop on our journey through the Baltic States and the final capital in the chain. After this visit we can compare all three and decide which one we prefer. We arrived at the bus station and started walking to our hotel which we’d pre-booked over the internet the day before. We had a little trouble finding any reasonably priced accommodation in Tallinn, which we assumed was because it was the weekend, it’s actually because Tallinn is an expensive destination. The hotel was the first clue, the second clue came when we withdrew money and the ATM spat out euro notes rather than the Estonian Krooni which we were expecting. It turned out that beginning 1 January 2011, Estonia adopted the euro and became the 17th eurozone member state. This was not good news ... read more
Tallinn Old Town
Tallinn Old Town
Tallinn Old Town from Toompea

Europe » Estonia » Tallinn January 12th 2011

Day 9 I had an early start to get the Lux express bus to Tallinn, The journey took around 7 hours and the buses were very posh with reclining seats and on the TV they had British pop hits from the eighties. So I was entertained with Paul Young, Wham, Limahl, Genesis and a whole host of unforgettable stars from the eighties:-) The bus pitched up at the station and I had to catch a tram to get to the Hostel, but couldnt work out how to pay so I ended up breaking my first law in Estonia by fare dodging. I have now worked out where you pay so I will be being a good boy in future. I was back in an Irish Bar (Molly Malones)that night and got chatting to some Geordie blokes ... read more
Tallin old town
Tallin old town
Tallin old town

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