Still Alive.

Published: November 19th 2008EDIT THIS ENTRY

Yeah mom, I'm still alive.

There really isn't much to post about. The bridge into the lagoon has been down for repairs since I got here and it's not supposed to be up for another week. As a result, there are no boats in the lagoon and subsequently no work for anyone. It's supposed to pick up pretty soon since the boat show is coming up. One issue we face as well is that you can't dockwalk. For those who don't know what that is, it's where you just walk around all the marinas during the day and talk to people on boats and hand out CVs. The security at most of the marinas is pretty intense so you'd be lucky just to get in. If you do manage to get in you are always on camera and if they see you handing out CVs you immediately get removed from the marina and, in some cases, get deported.

My days here go something like this.

Get up around 9. Sometimes 8:45, sometimes 9:15. Then we all just kind of sit around on our computers working on CVs and networking through online agencies until about 11:30 when people start leaving to do go looking for work. This involves going to the various crew agencies and checking in or signing up. In the afternoon we just go exploring or go to the beach. It's nice here because by about 3, the sun has lost all it's intensity so the beach is not has harsh and is a lot more enjoyable. The sun sets around 5:30-6 so that means it time to head home. Sometimes we go out to happy hour at lagoonies (beers are 1$) and then are home by about 7. Then its just lying around the house. Sometimes we go out to other yachtie bars like Lady C which is actually a large Ketch or to Soggy Dollar. Next day, same thing.

Today I went to Marigot to Dockwalk. There are about 8 Superyachts there which is the most of anyplace on the island right now. Unfortunately the bus sign said Marigot - Phillipsburg which are in opposite directions (bus being a loose terms since they are all just old 15 passenger vans). It Unfortunately went to Phillipsburg and then came back, right close to where I got on and then went to Marigot so that wasted about 45 minutes. I actually could have walked to Marigot faster. Once I got there it was pretty easy to get into the marina. Dockwalking is still allowed on the French side so all I did to get in was just follow someone else and tailgate my way through security. After that I went around to all the superyachts and handed out my CV. Of course none of them need anyone however you never know if they need daywork.

Tomorrow I'm going to have a bunch of business cards printed so I have something to hand out at bars. After that, beach, after that happy hour... and so on. (the trick is to go to all the bars and meet captains and crew there where you can hand out your card etc.

Hopefully the bridge will be fixed soon. Once than happens, this place should fill up pretty quickly. Until then, the only work I have is to get people to do their damn dishes (thats actually harder than anything I'd be doing on a boat.)


19th November 2008

Business card looks good Neil. What is the design in the background? I can't really make it out. Sounds like you're having some leisurely days, which is possibly frustrating but as you said, work will come. Sounds like you're being resourceful and persistent which is all you can really do. Good luck! xo
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20th November 2008

It's a ships anchor. I actually didn't really like how that one turned out so I've made another one I'm going to have printed.
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23rd November 2008

I had the same comment as Heather (before reading hers). The anchor didn't stand out until I had a second look, wondering what it was. Might also be an idea to add some sort of address. If they pull out the card in another port, they may want to reference where you're based. Sounds like a pretty tough place to be putting in time while job hunting!!
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8th December 2008

Hey Neil
Hi Neil, I was just talking with Sue and she reminded me of you blog. How are things going down there? We are finally getting some snow here in Canmore. We've had about 5 inches. I was xc skiing at the nordic centre this morning. The temp is just below freezing which made it difficult to wax for classic. I am working at the shop there a couple of days a week now and will be teaching skiing after Christmas. Wendy and I plus our gang are heading to Costa Rica for a couple weeks over the Christmas and New Years. I will miss the snow but the skiing can wait when I have a chance. Are you staying south for Christmas? Well I hope you are getting some sailing in. Hop to hear from you. David
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