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North America » Canada » Alberta » Edmonton July 3rd 2011

Canada Day I arrived on the 30th and after going to bed early, I woke up fresh early in the morning of July 1. I was jetlaged, 8 hours ahead of Edmonton, and pulling my boyfriend out of bed I jumped around eager to jumpstart my first day in Canada, and my first ever Canada Day. Unlike any other day in Canada, the 1st of July is a day of celebration and joy, cultural and family-oriented events, music and play. It is regarded as Canada's birthday! Starting the day, we took the bus downtown. Placing ourselves at the secluded seats at the end of the bus, we happened upon a somewhat desperate man. Not long after we had taken our seats did he engage us in conversation, telling us of what a terrible night he had ... read more
Pancake eating Canadians
Cree dancing
Feeling Canadian

North America » Canada » Alberta » Edmonton July 3rd 2011

Information from Starbucks in Edmonton = 44 Second Cup in Edmonton = 41 Tim Hortons in Edmonton = 45 Welcome to the continent of chain stores, heavy trucks and endless raffles! Welcome to North America, more precisely the city of Edmonton (population 782439), capital of Alberta. Not many people can boast that their first overseas adventure began in Edmonton. I dare say, not many tourists can boast to have visited this city, as it is not a major tourist attraction and is overshadowed by cities such as Toronto, Montreal and Vancouver, and even Calgary. Though I shouldn't mention Calgary in a blog about Edmonton, seeing as they are ardent rivals. My plan is to stay in Edmonton for an entire month, while getting to know the life in Edmonton, something which has proven a bit ... read more
me and a dog-truck
Holiness in the neighbourhood
wuf wuf

Europe » Russia » Northwest » Saint Petersburg July 24th 2009

There are some cities in the world which one has to visit at least once in a life time. One of them is the majestic city of Saint Petersburg A bit of history The city was founded on May 27, 1703 by Peter the First, tsar of Russia, who is more known as Peter the Great. Named after its founder Peter the Great, the city lies at the back of the Finnish Gulf, where Orthodox Russia meets the Protestant Scandinavia and the Catholic Baltic. Peter the Great Prior to the rule of Peter the Great, Russia had been expanding towards Asia and had throughout the 16th and 17th centuries brought under its realm of power the mayor parts of the Siberian plains. But with the coming of Peter's reign and in particular after his Tour d'Europe ... read more
lada in sight
Russian artist at work

Europe » Lithuania » Siauliai May 25th 2009

The hill of Crosses It is said that this saddle bag hill 12 km outside Siauliai was once a pagan alter. How this remote location, far from anything, came to be a holy place is unknown, but the legend describe it as such. Many centuries later it became the home to a cross or two, this is estimated to be around the 1830's, and today the saddle bag hill hosts hundreds of thousands of mainly wooden crosses placed there by pilgrims and a large part by especially Polish and German tourists. The crosses are mostly wooden and unfortunately many of them are identical and have their origin in the souvenir boxes at the entrance. But others are of a more personal caracter, and it is interesting to find in the forest these few trees which truely ... read more
more crosses
and more crosses

Europe » Russia » Northwest » Kaliningrad May 9th 2009

I had been told that the old city of Königsberg was gone and that the present city of Kaliningrad was nothing to write home about. But I have decided to write home anyhow. Kaliningrad is a fascinating place seeing that almost all the inhabitants are immigrants from Mother Russia. This old Preussian stronghold which fostered people such as Immanuel Kant, is today a Russian exclave in the center of Europe and enclosed by EU and NATO countries. Here in between Poland, Lithuania and the Baltic Sea, everything is in cyrillic, people speak nothing but Russian and the reminder of grotesk Soviet architecture is everywhere. The people of Kaliningrad But though the people of Kaliningrad are citizens of Russia, and vivid supporters of the Russian ice-hockey team, they also seem very European. In difference to Little Moscow ... read more
What a smile
street scene Kaliningrad
I was in the Soviet Army

Europe » Lithuania » Vilnius April 3rd 2009

This year Lithuania celebrates the 1000 year anniversary for the mentioning of its name. The first time Lithuania was mentioned was in 1009 in the Saxonicae Annales Quedlinburgenses, where apparently a Saxon missionary named Bruno of Querfurt was struck in the head after trying to baptise the people living in Lithuania. The year of 2009 is therefore perfect for Lithuanian capital Vilnius to be the European Cultural Capital, though this has not been a success story until now. One might actually draw comparisons between the old and bloody recordings of Saint Bruno and the rather scandalous beginning of the cultural capital. Due to the financial crisis the funding has been cut, and at the same time the committee in head of the cultural capital has been claimed to be incompetent and slow, which resulted in the ... read more
Neris at sunset
house of satan
Day of Independence

Europe » Lithuania » Vilnius March 31st 2009

Do you know the supposedly American expression of "a good burn", often used by the character Michael Kelso in "That 70's show"? Well in Lithuania they really like a good burn. Having lived in Vilnius for a little more than two months, I have become quite accustumed to the Lithuanian version of a good burn. I live in an apartment block between Neris and the old town, and in the driveway into the yard we previously had several large plastic containers for garbage use. But one morning coming down the stairs, my colleague and I noticed that the containers were no longer there. Instead, we found some small sculptures made out of melted green plastic and a huge black spot on the wall. Our containers had, you might say, experienced a good burn over night. Today, ... read more
Vilnius fire truck

Europe » Lithuania » Vilnius March 24th 2009

It is freezing, and I constantly feel a bit ill and with a throbbing in my throat. It has been snowy white for long periods through February while ice flakes have made their way down the Neris River, which floats by my house. March is more optimistic and the sun shines through, but it is still a while I am sure until I can enjoy the spring in the Lithuanian capital. I have resided in Vilnius for two months now, and start to get the feel of the city. It is a very vibrant city though winter tends to have a grip on the people, as it supposedly has anywhere in the world. Vilnius is a small capital city of approximately 550.000 people and I am constantly surprised that such a small city can hold so ... read more
snowy bike
The green bridge in snow
Cathedral in the snow

The old man tries to speak to me in Russian - I try to respond. My minimal Slovene glossary come in handy now. He asks me where I am from. I answer Daniya. He says something about Daniya and gori (mountain). I laugh and make the motion of flat. He gives up and leaves me to my own thoughts. I sit quietly and rest while looking down upon the village of Kazbegi. I sit at Tsminda Sameba, the church that represents Georgia in every tourist brochure. Mt Kazbeg is on the West site of the church and the village at the East, - right under my feet. 14 kilometers to the North lies Russia. I am in the heart of the Caucasus Mountains. On the border between Europe and Asia. The drive to Kazbegi As I ... read more
Mount Kazbek
Caucasus mountains
sunset in the caucasus

Asia » Azerbaijan » Baku July 16th 2008

15 minutes of fame I chose to buy two large sunglasses today, so that I can really look like a celebrity! The reason is that our visit and language course has been quite a lot in AZTV. Firstly, we appeared at a pressconference, where all of us had to tell why we had chosen Azerbaijan and how we liked it so far! Later on, a tv crew came to our language course to film us while having class, and afterwards I was chosen for an interview. Some of the other participants have been interviewed for the radio or been at the live morning show on tv. This has resulted in most of Azerbaijan knowing that we are here by now! Furthermore, we have been recognised on the street. The most amazing experience was when we went ... read more
Million dollar shot
Mud volcanoes
Our driver

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