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19th November 2013

I like culture. Look like a great country.
11th July 2013

How to update your map...
I assume that when you log in you are at your profile page...that's the only time you need a password, and you can't write a blog without logging in. Next click on the Profile tab. Then click on the Extras tab. Then click on the World Map Maker. Then click on My Travels under your list of Your Maps. Then click on Edit. Your map will appear along with a list of countries with 5 colors. You click on the country and the color you wish it to show on the map. You can edit the Map Legend in the lower right corner by highlighting the existing text and typing in the new text...for up to 5 categories such as Lived, Been To, Want to Visit, etc. When you are done, click on Save My Map. Hope this helps. If you have more problems you might ask on the Travelblog Support Forum.
13th July 2013

Jezz, I remembered that there was a way in through travelblog, but I have been to stupid to find it. I have tried to go directly to the worldmapmaker website, but it is in that context that I don't know the password. Thanks! I will immediately update my map:-)
3rd July 2013

Great photo
1st July 2013

I have missed your blogs...
so enjoyed seeing Paris through the eyes of your family. I noted on your map that there are no yellow countries...where you are planning to visit. Surely the map is in need of an update.
10th July 2013

Thanks Home and Away
If you in any way can tell me how I can update those maps, I would owe you big time. I can't remember the password and when I ask them to send it nothing comes. I have so many yellow countries in my mind - most of the globe:-)
4th July 2012

Nice blog...
You will have a wonderful four months based upon your observations in this blog. Have you observed whether the homeless woman sleeps on her bench at night, or is she there just during the day?
5th July 2012

She sleeps there, definately. The entire bench is covered in blankets. Someone told me that when it was at its worst the winter before last, the neighbourhood women convinced her to seek a bed at a shelter, worried that she wouldn't make it otherwise. It apparently took a bit of convincing, but finally she went. You might say the bench is her studio. Anna
29th January 2012

Definitely take the tram to Tervuren...
the tracks skirt the Bois, a forest that extends south to Waterloo, and was planted in the 1700's with beech trees that grow straight and tall so that they could be harvested as masts for sailing ships. Then it ends at Turvuren Park which is beautiful to walk around the lakes anytime of the year...except perhaps winter. My daughter learned to ride a bike on the road around the lakes, but took a sharp left turn into the lake. Fortunately the water isn't very deep.
28th January 2012

Thanks for the memories
I was also a technocrat living in Brussels for 11 years, but serving as the U.S. Representative to the NATO Infrastructure Committee. All three of my children were born there. I witnessed first hand the end of the Cold War. I also visited every nook and cranny of Brussels, although I must admit I missed the Zinnekin Pis. As for Belgium's Africa links, you must visit the African Museum in Tervuren if you haven't done so already. It even has Stanley's footlocker...he's the one who said "Dr. Livingstone, I presume." Once again, thanks for the memories! Oh, if you could have some moules and a beer at Vincent's off the Grand Place, and tell about Belgian food and beer in a future blog that would be the best!
29th January 2012

Now, I don't want to assume anything, but Zinneke Pis might have taken up his spot at the street corner of rue des Chartreux and rue du Vieux-Marché after your time there. Thanks for the comment, and yes I have been planning to go to the African Museum for the last two times I visited. However, I read that it is a really beautiful trip out there with tram, so I wanted to do it on a sunny day, and well, sunny days are rare...
21st December 2011

You are a 2011 TravelBlog favourite blogger!
+ Check this out, and feel free to add some 2011 TravelBlog favourite anythings of your own. :) http://www.travelblog.org/Topics/30521-1.html
6th December 2011

Thank you for adjusting what I see in Detroit.
We grew up a short distance from Detroit, my husband in Toledo, only an hour away and myself in Dayton, Ohio, three hours south. Through your eyes we can see clearly now the vision of what is to come. Next time we are in Detroit our experience will be very different and we thank you for that. I'm going to add your name to the November blog treasure hunt. This was written well, from the heart and your enthusiasm shows through your words. Excellent. We are currently living in San Francisco, if you get back this way please let us know as we would like to hook up with you. I'm sorry for all the people who didn't take the time to read this while it was on the front page. They have missed a real gem.
25th August 2011

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16th August 2011

New Blog entry
dude, your new blog entry "keep Portland weird" doesn't open up...
From Blog: Green Portland
7th August 2011
Black Hole ... donut

It's fun reading this article,thanks....
From Blog: Famous Seattle
6th August 2011
Raw Gastown

The municipality of Priboj is located between municipality of Čajetina in the north, municipality of Nova Varoš in the east, municipality of Prijepolje in the south-east, border with Montenegro in the south-west, and border with Bosnia and Herzegovina in the north-west. A Bosnian-Herzegovinian exclave (Sastavci village) is surrounded by the Priboj municipality. Priboj town is just 5 km away from Uvac, smaller river that is border between Bosnia and Herzegovina and Serbia. http://www.priboj.org/
From Blog: Wacky Vancouver
5th August 2011

Hello, Just read your blog and I like your analysis of Vancouver. Welcome to my home, I hope you enjoy your stay.
From Blog: Wacky Vancouver
13th July 2011

Great Place - Wana to Visit Again
We recently enjoyed a lovely weekend out at Cattle Country. We sat by the fireplace enjoying the quiet cozy atmosphere. Will go back when the weather is better. People was very good at all times.
From Blog: Cattle country
11th July 2011
At Lake Moraine

Great picture!
Loved your blog from my favourite place...Banff! And you are already an official Canadian if you are saying "Iced Cap!" Enjoy Canada eh?!
From Blog: Going Banff!
6th July 2011

Missing the breakfast
Hi Anna, I am an Edmontonian spending a year in Quebec and on Canada Day we were really missing the muslim pancake breakfast as my family goes every year, so I was glad to read about your great experience. I hope the rest of your month in Edmonton goes as well. We are excited as we too return home to Edmonton later this month. I do hope you will get out to the mountains to see Jasper during your stay. Cheers, Tracy
4th July 2011

Welcome to Alberta
Those trucks come in handy in the winter time! Be sure to visit Calgary though, it's a much nicer city. ;-)
13th July 2010

Very attractive country
I just wanted to know about the culture and its people in Albania.Very fascinated.
5th January 2010

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