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21st May 2012

8 Days!
Just 8 more days until we get her back!! We miss you Kristin!
22nd May 2012

Can't believe it's only 8 days. Miss you all too! <3
18th May 2012

Beautiful Amy
I wish you were still there so you could tell her that she's beautiful!!!!!
From Blog: Kunming
18th May 2012

I told her that I loved her and that she was beautiful every day that I saw her (:
From Blog: Kunming
18th May 2012

Nan pengyou
ha ha ha. Bring him home! He looks like he may make good boyfriend material! : P
From Blog: Kunming
13th May 2012

Registering with the police? Strange.... 别jaywalk!
From Blog: Police in China
12th May 2012

Jaywalkers beware
Can't believe it only took two days to get busted.
From Blog: Police in China
10th May 2012

You are amazing. Enjoy, enjoy, enjoy. Miss you, see you soon.
From Blog: Photos!
9th May 2012

小花 seems like a nice little girl! I am glad you and Kelly are having so much fun. Does it feel like teaching in Kunming is feeding your soul and life's ambitions? Also, give 豆腐 a second look, if prepared well, it tastes great! Such good protein! Much love, Kristin! Get some rest and drink lots of water, it helps with jet lag. I understand you're twelve hours ahead--boy, what an adjustment. I hope you have many more happy cry moments. 我太爱了你!Let me know if you can't read the Chinese. Idk if will process correctly but one can hope!
9th May 2012

Yes I can read the Chinese (: I just don't really like spicy food and when all I have to drink is hot tea... it doesn't do wonders for my throat. Yeah, I've been drinking 3-4 bottles of water a day since I got here. :) And omg had a happy cry moment today too. (I'll tell in next post :) )

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