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13th June 2014

Congratulations! You've just been through a Thai coup cycle...
not too bad, huh?
29th May 2014

Good to know!
Thanks for keeping us up to date. This helps me inform my clients too!
From Blog: Quick Update
29th May 2014

I'm glad to hear that my info is being passed on--that's what it's there for!
From Blog: Quick Update
22nd May 2014

Glad to hear all is OK!!
Thinking of you Kris and glad to hear your are doing well -- you have definitely been in my thoughts lately! Hugs to you -- Vic
9th May 2014

Great News
Congratulations on your great speaking skills. You certainly didn't get that from your Uncle Bill, did you?
7th May 2014

Congratulations on your win! Great organization.
5th May 2014

So many beautiful doors. I must have a hundred photos.
28th April 2014
Coconut ice cream with mango and sticky rice

Oh, that looks good!
Now you have to try your name, it's a greyish custard...once mango season is over.
From Blog: Chatuchak
27th April 2014
The National Museum

Glad you enjoyed the museum and the timeline put things in perspective for you. Thailand is rich in history and it takes a good bit of time to absorb all of it.
26th April 2014

"Don't Remove Shoes"
Hey there - you'll also see similar signs at Wat Saket (Golden Mount).
26th April 2014
The National Museum

Giving up the 9 to 5!
How wise that you gave up the killing routine and went off on adventure! I love your photo of this room that seems to go on into infinity. And what a great visit to the larger history museum to have a better understanding of the country in which you're staying. I hope you find a sangha that fits you. Theraveda is fab, and as the I Ching says, Perseverance Furthers. Enjoy finding your right place--happy hunting.
9th April 2014

I'm so jealous...
I have mangos and sticky rice here, but the mangos are never as good as the Thai ones.
From Blog: Mangos
28th March 2014

Good one
I do not know what I like about it, but it was a short and good one.
22nd March 2014

I recall a news item here this past week that the results of the early March elections in Thailand had bee thrown out. What's next?
22nd March 2014

Let me get my crystal ball. No one knows. But there are elections tomorrow and I believe next week as well. Fingers crossed it all goes well.
11th March 2014

Time flies when you are having fun...
and obviously you are. I pleased you are getting to know the real Thailand and not the tourist one. And it's great to have a fun circle of friends. Thanks for the status report. Mango season is about to start so have a mango and sticky rice for me...with a picture.
From Blog: 8 Months?
24th February 2014

I'm a Hardy Boys fan, myself...
so could understand your nostalgia. I got up to #41 before I was too old to read anymore...somewhere about middle school. I transitioned to historical fiction...James Michener and Leon Uris...indeed, am reading Uris's "The Haj" right now. As for the Hardy Boys, and Nancy Drew, I did go back recently to read one to see what enthralled me, just their simplicity and innocence . I also went back and read me favorite book from middle school "Lorne Doone"...written in 1850's English which I was amazed I could comfortable understand. One of our cats is named Lorne Doone...and not the cookies!
4th January 2014

You make me hungry right now, eating is the best way to welcome a new year, specially with those spicy flavours, good job.
30th December 2013

Small changes in pronunciation
We were sitting having drinks with some Vietnamese university students in HCMC and one of them asked Neil if he liked penis...took us both a while to realise he meant peanuts; it still makes us laugh today thinking about it! We especially liked the po-po comment from your student :)
23rd December 2013

Merry Christmas and Best wishes
Just a brief note to wish you the very best.
From Blog: I'm okay.
26th November 2013

Just don't visit Vietnam where the dong is over 20,000/$...
Initially it feels nice to be a millionaire, but then spending hundreds of thousands for a meal feels very, very expensive. I like to review The Economist's annual Big Mac Index which converts the local price of a Big Mac to US$, thus calculating Purchasing Power Parity. This gives me a good idea of which countries are over or under valued relative to the U.S. Then I know to avoid Switzerland and Norway and visit Vietnam! They haven't taken the next step to calculate how many minutes or hours the average person in each country has to work to earn the Big Mac.
From Blog: The Value of 100
27th November 2013

I visited a few years ago, actually, and kept my ATM receipt showing I was a millionaire. I actually didn't have problems in Vietnam because the numbers were so far removed from what I was used to. I knew I was paying tourist prices, but I never really felt like I was overpaying and I definitely never had guilt by numbers!
From Blog: The Value of 100
12th November 2013

Nice post!
I really enjoyed reading this - it seeme to give the Thais such pleasure when we embrace their culture.
From Blog: The Flag
12th November 2013

I completely agree.
From Blog: The Flag

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