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ritchie ramos

I enjoy travelling! I know there's a lot of things to see and people to meet... so let's carry on!

Asia » Cambodia » North » Siem Reap July 23rd 2010

Yes, I do! After months of waiting, I finally conquered Siem Reap! And my expectations were all met! Woot woot! Went with my friends from previous work and the more they made this trip a memorable one! It was an exciting experience! Exploring the temples and having a taste of Cambodia’s culture was, indeed, a learning experience. Cambodians are nice people! From our driver Song, to the hotel’s receptionist, to the waiters and to the stall owner’s! I just enjoyed dealing with them… well, I got a little tired (well maybe a little more haha) negotiating with the sellers in the old and night markets. They gave me a hard time with their merchandise! But it was fun and all worth it! I got my money’s worth, I think hahaha! Paying in US Dollars is very ... read more

Asia » China » Beijing September 4th 2009

From August 28 to 31 With college friends (Hannah and Jocelyn) and friend from work (Jonna). Our first time to travel out of the country! And first time in Beijing! Expectations exceeded. It's a clean city. A little colder than Manila and a lot better (yikes!). The only downside.. no social networking sites allowed! Facebook was banned! FB banned! FB... dang! Sayang :) Went to Bird's Nest although no pix here since i ran out of camera bat.. waiting for Hannah and Jocelyn's memory card. But I like the place. Huge! I just hope they get to use it for something else. Read somewhere that venues used for Olympics has a tendency to be left unpleasantly barren. Look at Athens... ouch! Enjoyed Great WallI and I want to see the other parts next time. It's a ... read more

Asia » Philippines » Subic September 4th 2009

Zoobic with family! Far from Manila but worth it :)... read more

Asia » Philippines » Batangas » Taal August 21st 2009

It was a fun-filled morning @ Lago De Oro! I enjoyed kneeboarding a lot! I'll go back definitely and this time, I'll try wakeboarding (kneeboarding is for beginners).... read more

Asia » Philippines » Mindoro » Puerto Galera June 14th 2009

With friends... we had the beach/place to ourselves! It's a very far ride but worth it :)... read more

I've been to KL several times. I've never enjoyed it before and I didn't enjoy the place this time. Although, this trip, I was able to finally go up the Petronas Tower, which, btw, was nothing special. One noteworthy thing, it's really cheap to stay in Concorde Hotel and it's a very nice hotel for me.... read more

Asia » Indonesia » Bali » Kuta June 14th 2009

Prior to visiting Bali, I had paradise in mind.... great beach, great sight, great vacay location....NOT! It was not close to being a paradise! It must be the opposite of paradise. There was too much traffic, not much to see, annoying people on the beach and the beach(es) - not good for swimming! I will never go back. That was too much disappointing. I'd rather go to Philippine's Boracay. Man, Boracay is 100 times better than Bali!... read more

Asia » Thailand » Central Thailand » Bangkok April 4th 2009

Back in Bangkok in 3 months time! With family this time around :) Finally, I was able to go to the Floating Market - far but worth it! It was too scary to eat the food... dirty I think - yikes! Went to Ayutthaya also... far and not worth it. Visit Grand Palace instead, which is just within the city. I love Platinum Mall! The best... nice stuffs and cheap too! ... read more
@ floating market
@ floating market
@ floating market

Asia » Thailand » Central Thailand » Bangkok December 23rd 2008

with high school friends, donald and tristan... didnt do a lot except for visit to the temples, bar and SHOPPING! it is indeed a shopping haven for me!... read more
reclining buddha
streets of bangkok
riding a tuktuk

Asia » Vietnam » Southeast » Ho Chi Minh City October 26th 2008

Oct. 17 to 21 with family. It was hard to communicate with the Vietnamese! About 90% of them couldn't speak or understand English! So be guided by the following: - Thank you - cam on - How much - baw new - Expensive - makwa - Waitress - emoy - Hello - xin chao - Go straight - di thang - Right - fai - Left - sai It's a good shopping place, especially Ben Than market. My advice: haggle! Use the word 'makwa' a lot! And if you are given a certain price, offer 75% off and work your way up a little up to 60% off. They'll give in I promise you :) When dining in Saigon Cruise (especially the no. 1 ship - I forgot the name), take note that they charge entrance ... read more
ben thanh market
huge crowd
kaye and mom haggling

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