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North America » United States » Alaska » Skagway May 25th 2011

Again, another super quick entry: Juneau: yesterday we spent the morning at Mendenhell Glacier just outside Juneau. I hiked all around the base of the glacier - stunning blues from the ice. I ended up following a fieldtrip class (yeah, I'm a stlaker haha) because they seemed to have a better trail. Got some amazing shot I'll add later. In the afternoon we took the tramway to the top of the mountain in Juneau - they have a rescued eagle up there - holy, they are beautiful creatures to see up close. Again, I hiked a bit up the mountain, but the trails were still slippery and covered with snow, so i didn't go very far. Skagway: this morning we went up to the Yukon Suspension Bridge (which oddly enough is located in British Columbia...?). The ... read more

North America » United States » Alaska » Juneau May 24th 2011

So, Juneau’s awesome! The weather was a little shitty in the morning – spitting rain and overcast, but by 10am the rain stopped. Good timing because at 10:30 we headed out on our excursion! We took the bus up to Mendenhall Glacier – our driver was fun, full of jokes and stuff. We had 1.5hrs at the Glacier which really wasn’t enough… I easily could’ve spent another couple hours there to hike around the trails. (Even if there was a sign indicating “possibly bear encounters”, I was game) I love glaciers, I really do. The colours are just amazing, and the patterns within the ice are mesmerizing. A got a bunch of photos of the ice flows in the lake at the bottom of the glacier, and then of course a ton more photos of the ... read more

North America » United States » Alaska » Ketchikan May 23rd 2011

Alright. Two part entry in this one: yesterday and today. Yesterday - Ketchikan I did very little today - Mom had more excitement. Why so little excitement for me? The frog legs got their revenge. I woke up around 5am feeling like crap – nauseous, bloated, etc. I went to the bathroom, nothing doin’ so I went back to try and fall asleep. Mom came back from breakfast, but then went to search for some Gravol or something. Unfortunately, in doing so we went to the Medical Clinic on the boat... *sigh* She came back with a strict order from the clinic: get yo' butt down here. Damn frog legs. Tidbit info for anyone going on a cruise: if you have any symptoms of the flu... you will be quarantined, even if you're totally fine. So, ... read more
Celebrity Millennium

Very low-key day today. We sailed thru the Inner Passage, basically just going north along B.C.’s coast. Surprisingly little scenery since we were mostly out in the Ocean lol. Got a few nice shots though when we started sailing closer to the islands and such. We took a bunch of photos… well, I did at least lol. Lunch was good – they had some yummy turkey thing, and I had Mexican rice and chicken curry thing. After lunch we went to see a presentation (ok, pretty much an interactive lecture) about the Wildlife of Alaska with this marine biologist guy, Milos. He was freakin’ amazing haha, such a dork. Me and Mom have realized we’re nerds when we travel haha. Attending lectures, doing crosswords (they have them daily in the library on the boat), etc. We ... read more
Canada mitts
A tad windy
Behind the ship, again

North America » Canada » British Columbia » Vancouver May 20th 2011

Sidenote – these are all my actual blogs that I had saved since I couldn't post them on the boat Yeah, we’re in heaven. We’re not planning on coming back to Ottawa… just sayin’ Ok, ok. Back track a little. We bussed up to Vancouver from Seattle this morning – great scenery along the way. I really love the state of Washington – would love to come back some time and rent a car to drive around. I had my “University of Ottawa” sweatpants on today which means once again I shall be known as “hey-Ottawa”… for some reason whenever I where them on this trip people feel the need to yell it out. This can be a positive, or a negative haha. Anyway! We got on the boat relatively early which gave us some ... read more
Goodbye Vancouver!
Our room
Heading out of the Harbour

North America » United States » Washington » Seattle May 19th 2011

Sidenote: my netbook is being a total fail on the boat... and their computers don't have USB ports... so no photos for the time being which sucks. First things first – I got a sunburn. Who in the world goes to Seattle and gets a sunburn…?! Apparently I do haha. We had a huge day today – walking around and exploring all around downtown. Didn’t realize how hilly Seattle is – it’s very reminiscent of San Francisco. It’s perfectly fine when you’re going downhill… uphill is another matter haha. We wandered down towards Pioneer Square – there were a few statues, a nice historical-looking area and a memorial for fire fighters. Oh. Also, there was a field trip and a whole CRAP load of kids… ahhh, felt like I was back at work watching the ... read more
View from Alaskan Way
Firefighter Memorial

North America » United States » Georgia » Atlanta May 18th 2011

Nothing much exciting today – flew from Buffalo to Atlanta (AirTran Airlines) without any problems, unfortunately also without much sleep. We were kind of zombie-like at this point haha. We bummed around Atlanta for our 2-hr layover… not a huge fan of their airport – too sprawling without enough walkways and stuff, but so be it. Got some food and coffee, did a little window-shopping, then time to fly to Seattle! I finally slept a bit… Mom ended up chatting with the guy beside her about Seattle. He gave us a few places to visit. Best part of the flight to Seattle? The pretzels haha. (I've attached a photo of it) The bag said: "How to eat gourmet pretzels on a low-fare airline?" Intrigued, I turned the bag around where there are actual instructions including: "As ... read more
Gourmet pretzels
Flying over snow capped mountains
More snowy mountains

North America » United States » New York » Buffalo May 17th 2011

And we’re off!! As soon as the bus pulled out of Ottawa me and mom were like: VACATIONNNNNNNN! Yep, we’re both totally psyched for this trip. (She might add her two cents every so often on here. Or not. She’s undecided… but she says hello everyone nonetheless) Anyway, bus ride was uneventful; we got to Toronto and made our connection to Buffalo no problemo. I taught Mom the tricks-of-the-trade for how to keep both seats to yourself on the bus – even when it’s near capacity. Yep, bonding over anti-social behavior? I win. Now as for the border crossing at Fort Erie/Buffalo…? Yeahhhh, that was a pain. It took us 2 hours to get over the border – absolutely ridiculous. Observations for the night: Do not tell the border guard you’re coming to work on some ... read more

Europe » Norway » Eastern Norway » Oslo July 20th 2010

Well, that’s a wrap folks! This time tomorrow I’ll be back in Canada - or flying somewhere above it, anyway. Not much going on again today - it was another travel day. I flew from Riga back to Oslo… and uh, that was nearly an unfortunate story. I’ve grown tired of getting to airports the recommended 2-3hrs in advance, only to zip through security in 5min and have hours to kill before I even get on the plane. So, especially since I already check-in online, I decided I’d catch the airport shuttle at 10am for my 12:15pm flight. Supposed to take 20min to the airport, so 10:30am at the latest - plenty of time! Or not. First off, shuttle was 15min late… peachy. Secondly, we went to 4 other hotels along the way, which in theory ... read more

Europe » Latvia » Riga Region » Riga July 19th 2010

Depending whether or not I have (free) internet in Oslo, this may be my last entry for the trip..!! Crazy - 5 weeks sure flew by. I’ve had a blast, but it’s good to be coming home =) Not that much excitement today - bus ride from Vilnius to Riga was, thankfully, uneventful. Not only that, the A/C was working(!!) aaaaand I got two seats to myself. Double bonus. It was nice to arrive in Riga and already know (generally) where I was going. Ah, the perks of returning to a city you’ve already gotten lost in haha. I found my hostel without any trouble though - The Naughty Squirrel. Yeah, best name everrrrrrrrrrr. The hostel itself ain’t too shabby either. Awesome décor (really bright and colourful, neat graffiti on the walls inside), huge common room, ... read more

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