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So, plan was to do the zoo today... but that changed due to hour-conflicts. Ahem. I started the day by going to Arlington Cemetery. It's quite the impressive and solemn sight - row, upon row of tombstones. The Cemetery is insanely large to walk around, but I saw most of it. I also watched the Changing of the Guard for the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier. Afterwards, instead of taking the metro like a normal person, I thought "hey, there's a bridge. I'll just cross over the Potomac River to Washington DC!" thinking that it would bring me RIGHT to the Jefferson Memorial. Yeahhhh. I was wrong. First off, bridge was longer than I thought. Then I realized it brought me to the Lincoln Memorial and that it was another 20min walk to Jefferson, plus another ... read more

Planned on getting up relatively early today... woke up at 7:30am, rolled over, opened my eyes and it was 10:50am. Sigh. I walked down to the Metro again. So hot. Not nearly as humid as yesterday, but still quite steamy. I brought my umbrella in case it rained... boy, was I glad. First things, first. I headed down to the Crime and Punishment Museum! Very cool. This one you actually had to pay for, but it was well worth the $18. I spent almost 3hrs there, and could've spent longer had I done the simulators and such. The museum takes you through the history of crime and punishment, starting in medieval times, pirates, etc. all the way to modern day criminals. Some of it's gruesome (medieval section and the death row part), but it was all ... read more
America's Most Wanted studio
Cute squirrel
White House

Holy mother.... it is hot down here. Felt like 46 with humidity today.... ayoye. Plan was to stay inside at the museums... but of course I got stuck in the subway, missed a stop, and then ended up getting off at one end of the National Mall rather than at the middle where I wanted. Not a long walk... but in this weather? Ick. I made the most of it - took pictures of the Capitol from the other side, some statues, etc. and then wandered down the Mall towards the Washington Monument... all the while trying to zig-zag between the occasional tree to get any shade possible. (I'm still impressed I only had a slight sunburn.) I hit up the Natural History Museum (Ottawa's Museum of Nature's got nothing on this one =( ...sigh) and ... read more
View down National Mall
So hot
Washington Monument

Ok, I don’t know if it’s my sad, old netbook that doesn’t like photos or the internet connection… but they will be few and far between at this rate. Thankfully, I will bring my new one on my next trip =) We left Hammonton around 9am for the trek down to Washington/Alexandria. In the process we drove thru Berlin and saw many other German references (Frankfurt Ave., Cologne, Hanover, etc.) Yep, I love that this time next month I’ll be in Europe. Anyway! Drive down was relatively uneventful, yet long. When I google mapped it, I didn’t want to pay tolls, so we had a few scenic detours haha. Got to see some of Delaware and Maryland in the process. We drove along the outskirts of Philly (love all their brick buildings) and right thru Baltimore. ... read more
Lady Freedom
Licoln in the Rotunda

Busy day today! (Pics will be added tomorrow - too tired to upload them tonight!) We started a little late - considering the time we got in last night, we took full advantage of the comfortable beds at our hotel. Drive down to Atlantic City was nice - less smells this time around, which was a welcome change of pace. Driving over the bridge, it was odd to see all the wind-turbines. I mean, good on them for being just looks odd to have 5 turbines, and then a wall of Casinos. We parked near the Boardwalk, and off we went! It was quite hot today - 34 with the humidity - so we did our best to stay in the shade. We opted to wait for the Piers, and stick to the Casinos for ... read more
Beach and Boardwalk
House of Blues Casino
Service with a smile!

North America » United States » New Jersey » Hammonton July 9th 2011

Alright, quick one today since we basically just drove all day. We left a little later than planned... uhm, noon haha, but that's ok. Border-crossing took two seconds, there were no cars which was nice, and then we went straight down to Watertown for a grocery run - time to hit the road! We drove straight down Watertown to Hammonton - 6h30. Drive down was fun - we took note of all the cities we passed thru, such as Mexico, Moscow, Belfast, Bethlehem and Berlin to name a few. (There are also a crap load of Wawa Markets in NJ) Driving across New Jersey... we now understand the stereotype and the jokes re: the smell of NJ. Yep. It is quite something. Every 10min or so we'd encounter a new smell... and 9 out of 10 ... read more
Early moon
High peed!

North America » United States » Alaska » Anchorage May 28th 2011

Busy day today! We went out to explore downtown Anchorage – it’s a nice little city, you’d never know that 300,000 people live there. Mom wanted to check out “Trapper Jack’s”, this big souvenir store – we had fun there, seeing all the different Alaskan made products, and of course, laughing at the overly touristic items as well. It was a great store though – a good mix of things. It started raining a little bit, so we went to a few more stores before continuing our adventure. For lunch we popped by the Farmer’s Market (we’ll actually visit it tomorrow, just dropping in today) where I had a – wait for it – reindeer and salmon quesadilla!! I loved it! Mom thought it was the most disgusting thing ever haha. After lunch we went to ... read more
Totem in Anchorage
Look at the book titles

North America » United States » Alaska » Seward May 27th 2011

Well, we managed to fit everything into our bags… that’s quite the impressive feat if you can visualize how much crap both me and Mom bought. (Not to mention 3L of alcohol… not exactly flexible with our packing there). We got off the ship quite early – at 7:30am – to make our transfer from Seward up to Anchorage, Alaska. We had booked the transfer/tour with Alaska Cruise Transfers… yeahhhhhh, our driver was awesome, but the set-up at the cruise terminal was a complete and utter joke. Without being funny. In their instructions, they stress that you cannot leave the terminal area because they will walk around with a sign for where to go. At 8am we had to be in the terminal with our bags, for departure at 8:30am. Funny, at 8:15am there was still ... read more
Same lake
The two fuzzy bear cubs
Play fighting

Bright and early morning today! We spent the day on the ship, cruising thru Yakutat Bay towards Hubbard Glacier. Sounds amazing, eh? Well, it was… except we entered the bay at 6:30am haha. SO EARLY. Everyone was parked out at the front of the ship, or along the side decks on the top floor. I figured ‘screw that. If I’m getting up this early I want a good breakfast and copious amounts of coffee’. We headed to the back of the ship, brought breakfast with us… and for the first 30 or so minutes we were totally by ourselves to enjoy the view. Unfortunately, around 7-7:15am our secret spot got out ;) Going into the Bay was a great sight – the water became one huge ice field, with little chunks of glacier floating all around ... read more
Hubbard Glacier
Glacier upclose
Mountain with ice flows

North America » United States » Alaska » Skagway May 25th 2011

Sidenote: picking photos for this entry was pretty much an eenie-meanie-mo kind of deal. I have so many photos from today, that this really is just a random sample haha Wow, what a pretty day =) We had a full day-trip planned for Skagway, and it didn’t disappoint! We took a bus tour which brought us up to White Pass summit – stunning drive. Our driver was great; we got to hear all about the Gold Rush and how the train from Skagway to Whitehorse came to be. Mom and I had a good laugh – it took them all of 2 years to build this railway in the late 1890s… and Ottawa can’t even get its act together to build a tunnel thru the downtown-core. How sad. Anyway, we stopped to take photos along ... read more
Cloud cover
Mountain tops
Tortured Valley

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