Heather Maxwell


Heather Maxwell

Australian girl traveling overland through Africa.
Commence African Travels

Europe » Ireland » County Cavan March 3rd 2009

The pre-journey of my epic African journey has commenced! After finally stuffing a ridiculous amount of literary, medical, toiletry and camping supplies (as well as 4 seasons of clothing) into my well-traveled back-pack in the early hours before my flight from Brisbane, I realised that my bag COULD actually go over-weight (something never achieved before). Luckily the lovely Etihad check-in chick seemed not to notice the 27.7kg flashing before her as I stood guiltily infront of her... However I have now realised that AerLingus and Easy-jet (Ireland and Uk's answer to cheap ar*e airlines) will not be so accommodating...I've got the next week to contemplate the validity of a 'need' and 'want' during my overland trip through 30 countries in Africa. I cant believe that it's been 4 years since I've lived in Ireland - it ... read more

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