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25th March 2012

Great post!
Just seeing this now. I'm glad my article helped, and it looks you did better than I'd expect any newcomer to Bogota. Great pics! I think I know that exact fish spot. It's on Calle 57th and 8th? That's also a great-looking paisa. Good job!!!
16th February 2012

Good luck!!
Stay at the Flying Dog in Iquitos, Marcel the manager is a cool guy who can give you all the info u are looking for!
9th January 2012

welcome back!
lol good to see you back buddy! maybe we can catch a beer in Peru I'm headed on my way on the 28th!
26th November 2011

So Annoying
I live on Septima next to Universidad Districtal and they wake me up with , Somos Estudiantes!
19th November 2011

Today's the day!!
Happy, happy birthday big brother!! We love you!
18th November 2011

Dude, while in Ibague ask about the town of "Juntas" just outside of Ibague. It's worth the trip, the bus takes you to the top where there are little restaurants and the view is really worth the trip. There are a number of eco-touristy farms. The prices are insanely affordable because the tourism is mainly national. It's beautiful and safe. There's good food, horse riding, rivers, trails, hiking but the best thing is the views. The bus ride is a regular bus ride rate. Just ask the locals.
25th October 2011
Lechona 1

Oh Yea!!
I'd be ALLLLL over that! great pics bro
25th October 2011

Bandeja Paisa
I had this at a small restaurant in the city center that the hostel owner always goes too, we had a bottle of aguardiente and the Bandeja Paisa was amazing! the chicharron is THE best! I loved it. also if you make it to Medellin have ur fill at calentado for breakfast! It's great!
4th October 2011

Very Cool!
when I was in Colombia last year I also wanted to do some of Venezuela, but unfortunately I listened to the colombians and didnt go :-( I will be going on my next adventure though for sure!! Great job writing!
From Blog: In Venezuela
4th October 2011

Isn't Colombia AWESOME?!!
I loved it when I was there! Cannot wait to go back and start traveling the rest of South America in February!! Kepp up the great blogs! ENJOY!
23rd October 2011

Colombia is awesome. I will have been here almost 5 months by the time I leave.
4th August 2011

Hey David!! I LOVE reading your BLOG! It sounds and looks absolutely amazing!! Can't believe you've already been gone almost 3 months. Enjoy it and keep blogging!!
4th August 2011

You are too funny!! I absolutely LOVE this!!
19th June 2011

Hola David
14th June 2011

Bon Voyage!
Good luck man! I'm proud of you for doing this adventure. Can't wait to follow your travels here on this blog.

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