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14th March 2011

Hayter Family
Hi hust read your websightand noticed the Hayter Name, my Grandmother was Francis Mary Hayterand I have original photo of 12 members of my family . My grandmother married John Boyes at Cape Jaffa as he was a Lighthouse keeper seving on several Lighthouses arround South Austraia Regards Ken Stephens
18th June 2010

Tunner Fidding
Wow,amazingly trip!
20th October 2009

Going to Australia too.
Hi, really like the photos you have. I am going to australia soon. Just wondering how long you took to drive from exmouth to karijini national park.? Is the road to the park for 2WD? Thanks very much if you can assist me. Love the park after seeing your photos. Have a nice day ahead :)
22nd September 2009

Hi Bob and Jaquie thanks for the wonderful travel blog. I have thoroughly enjoyed keeping up to date on your adventures. Your photos are incredible. Cheers Rod H
22nd September 2009

I am envious of you both. Suzie and I could not do it, especially in a van. We are looking forward to seeing you both. Cheers Reg and Suzie
22nd September 2009

Hi Guys
What a wonderful trip, can't wait to see you both. Your photos are spectacular, happy travelling. Love Lib xx
4th September 2009

Happy Birthday.
Happy 31st Birthday again Bob. Your birthday means that mine must not be far away. Kayoko please note a twin rating would be nice!!!!! You guys don't seem to be getting bored on this travel extraveganza and we very envious of your adventures so far. Seeing its your birthday no need to behave today Bob. Take care Kerin and Kayoko.
3rd September 2009

Macro Lens
Great photo of the butterfly. Amazing detail, doesn't it make a difference when you have the right equipment? You could get a good result with an all-purpose lens but no way could you get a knockout! Looking forward to seeing that in next year's competition. Keep blogging!
3rd September 2009

Bob, Happy birthday today! Suzie reminded me otherwise I would not have known. Have a good one. I saw Andrew Stopp last sunday (comp day) and he is missing you. Andrew is 3 or 4 points ahead of Bobby Bright going into the flour bombing competition. I would love to see Andrew win the club championship this year. If you want to email Suzie it is Cheers, Reg.
28th August 2009

great brother
Your not weak, your a darling ! So glad your having such a great trip, your photos are great the colours are wonderful, its great following your trip, am really enjoying the travel blogs. Lots of love Libby xx
25th August 2009

Brownie Points
Hi Guys. I am so pleased to hear about the pearls. They accumulate more brownie points than any other commodity that I know of. Brownie points can be spent on any of the items illustrated at the following URL I think you have now sufficient points to purchase all those shown. Love the photos. The day spent on the photography course must have been wonderful. I am jealous. Looking forward to seeing your portfolio once you return.
25th August 2009

Bob you are not weak
hi Bob you are a very caring husband to let Jacquie have another piece of bling. Must see it when you get back to Melbourne. Enjoy the rest of the trip. Suzie
24th August 2009

Just think of it as an investment for your children, your have a lot of women in your family. The photos are terrific I will have to talk to you about copyrights there is a few good paintings in them. We will be off next week to Broken Hill for 4 weeks { not long enough} David has done major renervations on the inside of the Caravan, so with the new car and almost new van we are all set. I just hope the weather is better there than Victoria at the moment, Love ready your Blog, Keep well and look forward to the next installment Carolyn and David
24th August 2009

What a disappointment!!!!
I thought Andrew and I had taught you better Bob. We just wondering now who's side you are on. I will now have to censor this latest blog from Kayoko otherwise she too will start to get some silly notions of another Pearl. Apart from this obvious slip in your sensibilities this latest section would have brought back many memories of a few years ago. Reading your comments and enjoying your pics certainly did so for us. Suppose it all looks different from ground level and makes us very envious to do it this way also. Try and behave a bit better Bob for the rest of the journey. Be good. Kerin and Kayoko.
8th August 2009

loving your news
loving the travel news,hope the pearl shopping went well. Your photos are great. The fishing result looks ok to me, dont forget we were brought up as yacthees not fishermen, dad always said the two didn't mix! love to you both libby xx
4th August 2009

Bob and Jaq
How goods that place Cable Beach,why did you not stay in Port Hedland ?? We sare still here waiting for the money mate lots of promises not many cheques The caravan looks lonley still parked in this big shed Heading to a Ruston nCristening next week you don,t want to fly back I suppose Stay safe guys,till next time PD
3rd August 2009

You've excelled yourself this time. The photos are terrific!
17th July 2009

Itching to go
Hi guys, some great scenery, brings back memories, we are itching to get away , just picked up our 4Wd today, David's in 7th heaven so now got the means but the Van is been renorvated and is not livable at the moment. hope to have it on the road by September. I don't think we will catch you Love from the Corrs
15th July 2009

Fantastic photo's
The photos are magnificent. You will need to enter some of them at the club when you return. Great to hear the trip is going so well. I look forward to hearing more when you return. Love to you both. G.
30th June 2009

Hi Guys, Yes, we're envious. The trip looks sensational. Our plans to go the reverse way around this year are in jeopardy. The 'project' is not happening as quickly as we would like and so we mwy not have the time to get around. Your photos and commentary are great! Keep it up.
25th June 2009

luv your photos esp, the rainbow. keep ENJOYING
25th June 2009

luv your photos esp, the rainbow. keep ENJOYING
25th June 2009

luv your photos esp, the rainbow. keep ENJOYING
25th June 2009

Gee am I envious
Bob and Jacki looks great its on our program list soon I hope can you wait for us,great country we are still working to keep you in the style you are used to,someone has to keep this joint running maybe not profitable Marion sends here regards stay safe Peter
24th June 2009

Stress Free Living
I can understand why you extended your stay at Cape Range - what a wonderful stress free life. The water looks superb and the weather sounds wonderful. Bob you best hone those fishing skills or you might go hungry! Jacquie I love the photo of your new hair style in the last blog - suits you. Being almost June 30 means one thing for us poor workers at home - so please take a moment to think of us and sympathise !! And have a swim for me. Love to you both, Cheryl

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