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21st July 2014

That's a funny lookin Hippo
Maybe tell the Hippo to disguise himself as a Hippo and not a Rhino, he will be better off!
23rd July 2014

Everyone's a critic. Title updated
6th August 2013
Horseshoe Falls

Great Photos
I have been having a look at some of your photos and they are very good. I look forward to seeing more. Rob
From Blog: Niagara Falls
4th August 2013
Rainbow over the boat

This is a good photo.
From Blog: Niagara Falls
4th August 2013

Welcome to the U.S.
You've taken some fantastic waterfall photos. Can wait to read more about your trip.
From Blog: Niagara Falls
28th July 2013

Great blog and photos!!! Looks like you and I are eons apart weather wise!!! Mind you I love your photos, especially the drinks!!! Have enjoyed many Spritz's, beers and prosecco's plus a wine or 2. Currently in Bergamo, a wonderful find after an extremely hot and unbelievably crowded Venice. Still an amazing place, as you know, 35 years after my last visit. Still far better than Florence, for the same reason. I can hear you asking why cannot you see anything from me? Well when I went to add photos to my well detailed travel info upto mid Portugal discovered that my Olympus camera software missing!!! Sorry, can only attribute to Leon and I saving to spare hard drive before my departure!!! Looking forward to returning to Australia after tracking down George!!! Hope you are both well. Pleae let me know what date you return. I may be in Canberra around mid August, Jenny and David are looking for someone to look after their 'boys.' Perhaps a chance to see everyone??? Have fun, send my well wishes to Dean, guesing you may see him before returning??? Love sue xxx
3rd August 2013

New York New York
We are now in New York on the home stretch. We are back in Canberra on 10 august but go to Albury 16_20 for Kev's army reunion. Would be great to see youif you are in town. We have a spare bed if you need somewhere to stay and a spare car. Glad your holiday is going well. Sorry about the blogs they are a bit slow. Will probably do a NY one to finish off Vicki and Kevin
11th July 2013

good information keep am comming
30th June 2012

The Thames Pagent
Wow what a well positioned location you had!!! Loved the view from my warm home, albeit not being part of the pagentry and history Have been searching for you @ all the events to no avail as yet...../you need to make a bigger splash guys! There is no update re your visit to Ascot as of today (30/6/12????)Hope Kevin had a successful day @ the races. BC certainly had millions of hearst in mouths for the last 5 metres!!! Hope everyone has a spectacular day next Saturday. Will toast Victoria in Todd in cold Canberra. Sue
11th July 2012

Royal Ascot
I haven't done an update for it yet. Great day - rained a bit - good atmosphere. Have posted a wedding account Home soon - fly out tonight and in Singapore for 3 nights.
23rd June 2012

Hi Vicki and Kevin I really enjoyed watching - scanned the crowd but could not see you! Did you brave the concert? Sure the weather will be much brighter for London's bid day of the year - 7 July! Chris xx
6th June 2012

If only we could evenly distribute the heat/cold!!!! Great photos. Very impressed wwith the floral gaarbage bins!!!
Hope you are both well and enjoying the good life. Love Sue
From Blog: Dubai
16th April 2012

I am so embarrassed.
From Blog: The Inkas
2nd April 2012

Ah Lima, awful place... Make sure you see the lights! :)
26th March 2012

Stage 1
Good to hear you are on your way and slowly getting where you want to be. Take care and have fun. Sue
19th March 2012

Update this!

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