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Asia » Thailand » Western Thailand » Kanchanaburi February 28th 2011

HE SAID... The two hour bus trip from Bangkok to Kanchanaburi was fascinating! While I am always compelled to sit and absorb the countryside on bus and train travel, I could not pull myself away from the on-board entertainment. A large LCD screen at the front of the bus was playing Thai pop film clips, which were really mini musical soap operas. Each song ran for at least 15 minutes. The acting and background music were terrible and the plot in each song was repetitive - two lovers, man has affair with another woman, betrayed woman discovers affair by secretly flicking through man’s mobile phone, great fighting and wailing prevails. If I was visiting from another planet, I would conclude that the mobile phone was the maker and breaker of relationships (well, I suppose it is). ... read more
bridge over river kwai
saamlor ride
kanchanaburi streets

Asia » Thailand » Central Thailand » Bangkok February 27th 2011

HE SAID... We woke in Bangkok to the sound of torrential rain at 5.30am. The walking tour we had planned was looking completely out of the question, but by the time I’d showered the rain had stopped, so we ventured out at 6.30am and headed for the Grand Palace. However, as always happens on the first day in a big city, we were a little disorientated so we ended up heading off in the exact opposite direction. When we ended up at Democracy Monument, I realised the navigation skills I had so adeptly picked up in cubs and scouts had deserted me entirely, so we jumped in a taxi and pointed to the Grand Palace on our map. The taxi driver looked bemused - and for good reason. The Palace is immense, and has any number ... read more
wat phra kaew
wat phra kaew
wat phra kaew

Asia » Thailand February 26th 2011

HE SAID... The alarm went off as usual at 6am, but this was no ordinary day. We breakfasted on the deck with Oscar and Jasper (our corgi/beagle and kelpie respectively) as the sun rose, and the red dawn sky was as beautiful as it was calming. We had packed and prepared the day before, so the morning went like clockwork, although the time we spent playing with Oscar and Jasper set us back a little. Still, it wasn’t too much of a rush and friends picked us up at 8am and drove us to the airport. We arrived with time to spare - this was a perfect (and very relaxed) start to the long day ahead. The flight to Melbourne was uneventful until landing, when I accidently knocked an old man’s walking stick out of the ... read more

Asia » Thailand February 26th 2011

Life is so short we must move very slowly... ~ Thai Proverb Sawadee people! We are sending ourselves packing again - this time we are on a mission to continue delving deeper into South East Asia through a far reaching journey across Thailand, the Land of Smiles! We were a bit apprehensive about travelling in Thailand after the Red Shirt demonstrations and subsequent political events in Thailand over the last 24 months, and the more recent yellow shirt demonstrations too. However between keeping an eye on the Smartraveller site and on global media reports, we decided it would be ok. Plus it is usually easier to travel in countries experiencing a downturn in tourism, not to mention the fact that our money is helping to rebuild the industry. If you received a link to this blog ... read more

Europe » Italy June 1st 2010

HE SAID... This has been a memorable trip. Italy has seeped into our psyche, and we loved sharing the lifestyle of this fabulous country with the people around us. We loved standing at bars in the early morning, drinking coffee and eating pastries as large cities and small country towns slowly stirred around us. We loved sharing exceptionally good food and wine with travel friends. We loved rambling through the backstreets of Italy, finding people who welcomed us wholeheartedly, regardless of our inability to converse in their beautiful language. We loved the picturesque countryside, the dramatic coastline, the monumental structures to Christendom and the incomparable passion with which food is served. Italy is a truly magnificent and magical place, and I know there will be a time, after travelling to other destinations around the world, when ... read more
coffee in levanto

Europe » Italy » Lazio » Rome May 30th 2010

HE SAID... We woke early to organise ourselves for the trip back to Australia, which involved a 10am bus trip to Salerno, a 11.30am train trip to Rome (Stazione Termini) and a 1.30pm train trip to the airport (Fiumicino). The bus trip from Amalfi to Salerno was amazing, although we almost had to re-think our transport options when a small rock-fall just out of Amalfi left us stranded in traffic for about 10 minutes. Mirroring the trip into Amalfi from Sorrento, there were sections of road where a knee-high concrete fence offered the only barrier between us and a sheer drop into the Mediterranean. We scurried off the bus and got to the Salerno train station with 6 minutes to spare before the train left for Rome. The woman in front us was arguing with the ... read more

Europe » Italy » Campania » Amalfi May 28th 2010

HE SAID... We woke early (6.30am) to catch up on writing and prepare for our bus trip to Amalfi. We caught a train to Sorrento and then piled into a bus with scores of other tourists sharing the same intent. The journey was reasonably long (1.5 hours) and numbers were high, so many passengers had to stand in the aisles. While the trip was breathtaking, it was also downright scary, and there were times where I couldn’t look as we teetered precariously on sections of road where a knee high fence was the only thing separating us from the sheer drop to the ocean below. We arrived at midday and checked into a fantastic hotel - our room had three balconies that opened directly onto Amalfi’s waterfront. As I stood on one of these I could ... read more
amalfi coast from hotel bedroom at 6am
amalfi street culture

Europe » Italy » Campania » Sorrento May 26th 2010

HE SAID... We arrived in Sant Agnello di Sorrento around 2.30pm, walked to our hotel, showered and caught a bus into Sorrento. We walked around the town in the late afternoon sun and caught a train back to Sant Agnello, arriving around 6.30pm. We headed out to a local restaurant for dinner, and my anchovy pizza was perfect. After dinner we walked along the cliff top and looked out over the breathtaking Bay of Naples in the moonlight. It had been a long day after a long night, so we retired early in preparation for our trip to Capri the next day. We wanted to make the most of our limited time on Capri, so we woke early, caught a 7am train to Sorrento, scurried down the steep and many steps to the Marina Piccola and ... read more
more lemons...
sorrento streets

Europe » Italy » Campania » Naples May 24th 2010

HE SAID... We woke early in preparation for our 8.15am train to Naples. We arrived at Stazione Napoli Centrale at 10am, dropped off our luggage, walked outside and sat down for a coffee in the street. This was a great introduction to this gritty place, as we simply sat back and watched the city unfold in the mid morning. We headed to the famous Da Michele, which apparently is one of the oldest pizzerias in Italy. The margherita pizza was fantastic (although a bit early in the day at 11.30am), but it fuelled us for a walk through the streets to the San Gennaro Duomo and then to the Museo Nazionale, where we wandered through the vast archaeological museum until 2pm. We ventured back out into the streets and weaved our way towards the Mediterranean, passing ... read more
san gennaro
chiesa di san francesco di paolo

Europe » Italy » Lazio » Rome May 22nd 2010

HE SAID... We woke early in preparation for our 7.30am train to Rome. The first train to Foligno (the next stop past Spello) was short, lasting only 15 minutes. After a brief stopover at Foligno, we caught a second train to Rome, arriving at 9.30am. We walked to the same hotel we stayed in three weeks before, dropped off our bags and headed out on a second orientation tour, this time in warm sunlight. We caught the underground to the Spanish Steps, walked to the Fontana di Trevi and then revisited the Pantheon, Monumento a Vittorio Emanuele II and the Colosseo before jumping on the underground back to the hotel. Walking in Rome is different in the heat of the sun, and we were glad to catch the city in different weather. We lunched on pizza ... read more
basilica di san pietro
the pope!
basilica di san pietro

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