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23rd August 2010

The Dubliners
Hey man, I enjoy reading your blog. How do you do the panoramic photo at the top of each entry? Lots people seem to have it but I am clueless. Thanks.
23rd August 2010

you have very interesting observations about latin american countries. good luck on the rest of your trip.
22nd August 2010

Going Home
I'll miss you blogs when you go home but you've got some amazing memories from Living The Dream! This Dream may continue....Best wishes, Dawn
21st August 2010

beautiful lands beautiful people
20th August 2010

every journey must come to an end I suppose, but what a journey it was!!!. Will make sure to savour your final blogs.
20th August 2010

Living the dream
You are really living the dream. Amazing!
20th August 2010

Coming Home
Dear Ben, I am sorry to read this! Of course a wedding is always a good reason to come back home but I have to admit that I will miss your blog. Yes I will ! I hoped that we could meet us next Febr. in Peru. What a pitty ! I hope that we stay in contact when you are back in Germany. Walter
20th August 2010

Totally understand. It was also a BIG deal for us to book our ticket after 14 months on the road. Enjoy the last months. When you're back in Europe, you're always welcome in NL.
20th August 2010

Hi Ben, sorry- was traveling and forgot to answer your last email. Well, we back in Zurich. Ja dieser Flug zurueck war fuer uns auch hart (von HKG nach San Fran), wir sollten uns unbedingt mal sehen, wenndu woeder in Europa bist. ich bin oefter in Muenchen (Family) wuerde gerne mal ein Bierchen zusammen trinken. Und ja geiler Tarvelblock und save travel! Florian
19th August 2010

You are so negative!
Maybe you should have done some research before traveling to Belize because it sounds to me like you are disappointed by what you have experienced so far. It also seems, just because it's a third world country, that you expected to pay dirt cheap money for someone to give you a tour of beautiful sites you will experience nowhere else on this planet. I'm sorry you are so disappointed by the prices you have to pay in order to enjoy your vacation. Belize has a lot to offer, but it's what you choose to make of it. I don't appreciate your negative view on Belize but to each his own and hopefully tourists aren't deterred by your point of view. Cheers! A very proud Belizean American
17th August 2010

new reader
Hiya, new reader here. I came across your blog by accident and found it amazing what youre doing! Its interesting reading and Im very jealous :-) Happy travelling
16th August 2010

get off ur white horse
I read ur blog and all I read was a person on a mission 2 tell people about all the horrible things in the Asian countries especially the Philippines and in ur blog u said nothing about the beauiful things like the friendly people the beautiful places like the historic churches, the scenic waterfalls the different cultures in each province, the differentf cultural foods etc. All I read is ur complaints and ur wining about how bad things like prostitution and corruption this country has and yet u stand around and do nothing 4 the people but take food out of uneducated peoples mouths ! GET OF UR WHITE HORSE AND HELP THEM OR SHUT THE HELL UP ! There is prositution every where u look even in ur home town. I met my future wife in the Philippines and she was a escort like u mentioned in ur blog and I help her out of this situation. I suggest u look deep in the culture instead complaining about the surface of it. Thats the problem ur kind always think that the culture has 2 adapt 2 u, rather than u adapt 2 it. So the next time spend more time with the people rather than spending more with the tourist who want something more than the beauty of the country . SO GET OFF UR HIGH WHITE HORSE ! And meet the people of this beautiful country u ass wipe !!!!!!
14th August 2010

Ben thanks so much for the information on Honduras. I mentioned a while ago that we had this country as our team for the world cup and I knew virtually nothing about it.. ashamed to say I wasn't even totally sure where it was! It sounds such a lovely place and like the others have said is now firmly on our list of places to visit before we die.. certainly to visit before it's ruined by the tourist influx too! The waterfall trek sounded an amazing experience, quite unique too especially for you who does so many interesting things. Still loving the virtual travelling experience by way of reading your blogs.. We'll miss it when it ends. Take care :o)
13th August 2010

It's a shame some of you tourists don't see the effects of oppression that your ancestors, have caused....ALL OVER THE WORLD, NOT JUST IN BELIZE, AND OTHER SO CALLED "THIRD-WORLD COUNTRIES".....TAKE A LOOK IN YOUR OWN BACKYARDS. YOU WILL ALSO SEE IT IN THE US, RUSSIA, ENGLAND, ETC....
13th August 2010

Great photos, mmmmm your making me wanna change my plans
13th August 2010

Ben this is another Country which you've managed to single handedly put on my travel list, amazing pics.
7th August 2010
No price for guessing the nationality

Guess Their Nationality
They sure look German, to me.
7th August 2010

Photo Caption
Hmm....are they Honduran? Swedish? I bet they're Canadian ;) Love how riled up some get when making assumptions (ahem - Kevin. Haha!) even if they are probably right. I, for one, find the 'spot the American tourist' abroad game to be quite hilarious and play it myself on occasion. It is attitudes like that which 'defend' the obesity of a nation (or, more specifically, of persons) as being acceptable or even pitiable when it runs counter to that very nation's national standard (ie: the so-defined "healthy/normal" weight) which 'really' which leads to perceptions of American as a 'fat nation' in my opinion. If these ladies have enough money to fly to Honduras, they have enough money to walk around the block every evening and stop slurping soda. Also, glad you mentioned UFC - seriously, so few people who eat bananas realize their social cost.
7th August 2010

wooo~~you go around Taiwan
Hi there, it's so awesome. you go around Taiwan by yourself. many foreigner just travel Taiwan Island, but you went to green island. It's great. I like you. enjoy your trip.......ha ha
6th August 2010

Well they're not locals....!
too funny Ben!
5th August 2010

Whitewater rafting
You did whitewater-rafting before! On the Fraser-river in Canada! As you was a little boy about 15 years old. Gruß Mama
5th August 2010

When you get back to El Salvador
Hi, I read your blog on Salvador, then saw this one. If you are going to Gracias and head back into El Salvador afterwards, head to the Department of Chalatenango, right across the border, and check out La Montañona, a village up on a mountain that is populated by ex-guerrillas. You can visit the tunnels they dug during the Civil War. Really interesting place. Enjoy your trip!
5th August 2010

I don't want to sound too hostile here but you had an extremely short time to have made such harsh judgements of our country that others will read and believe. I wonder where in Placencia you stayed and ate that you didn't notice that we are still predominantly a village of local, born in Placencia, people. True, there are a lot of expats in the village but most are in the upper part of the Peninsula. Maybe you were in an expat owned bar or restaurant? They tend to be pricier. There are quite a few locals that have small stands and shops that sell wonderful, very cheap food. Prices in the whole of Belize are much higher than the surrounding countries and so are the wages (which are still appallingly low by "1st world" (and I use the term very loosely!) countries. Maybe that is why thousands of people from all the surrounding Spanish speaking countries flock to Belize to work. Their own countries, while cheap for passing tourists, are too expensive for them to live and raise families. You are happy to pay so cheaply in those countries, never thinking about what a few dollars more would mean to the people serving you. Too bad you didn't stay a little longer and figure out that there are a million wonderful jungle and sea experiences to be had, many of them very reasonable. Hitchhiking through a country in 3 or 4 days sure doesn't give you any idea, whatsoever, of the real Belize. And walking around in Belize City!? What were you thinking? Don't you read travel advisories? None of us in the rural areas go to Bz.City for any reason other than total necessity. Which is a sad comment on the state of the city - but, which major city in any country would you be truly safe in the poorest neighborhoods (and surely you could tell that if the police had to tell you)? Please think about what you do to local economies when you flip out blogs so off-handedly that affect people's (read local's) livelihoods and discourage visitors to come. Although if they are all as cheap as you, maybe they should just skip Belize, too.

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