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24th May 2012

have safe journey home,looking forward to seeing you,have loved your blog,i really looked forward to reading all about your holiday each you xxx see you soon xxx
23rd May 2012

Wonderful Blog and photos
Thank you for your blog. My wife and I will be arriving into Emerald Lake this Saturday. I was wondering if we would be there in time to see any of the lakes still frozen. Looks like we will have a great chance to see a few lakes frozen. We love Banff National Park - so magnificent! Please keep posting. We are looking forward to a little cool weather. We are from Houston and it is already summertime.
From Blog: Jasper to Banff
23rd May 2012

Thank you! This is our first time in Banff and we are loving it too. Emerald Lake was beautiful, disappointed we didn't get to see Moraine Lake but we have seen lots of bears which was the main reason for coming to Canada.
From Blog: Jasper to Banff
19th May 2012

lovely to hear from u again,have really missed u,i now look forward to reading your stories,take care,love you xxx
14th May 2012

OMG..... just look at what you've seen so far!! Heard about the suspension bridge being a tourist trap, but sometimes you just got to experience and see for yourself! Carry on blogging..... x
11th May 2012

hi you two.really enjoying reading your blog,sounds amazing,loving your pics,take care and GOOD LUCK at casino. love you xxx
11th May 2012

It does look Ace ,but it aint Vegas !!! ha ha ha x Both made up for you,sounds like the holiday of a lifetime !
11th May 2012

sounds amazing. dont believe you were scared but most probably a good thing getting your local guide they always seem to know about everything perhaps hes looking for free holiday accomodation in england. keep sending the pics and enjoying yourselves. xx
From Blog: We saw bears :)
9th May 2012

Hi Jo, I'd like to say we are missing you at work but its so peaceful! Looks like your having a fab time- and you've already seen bears! Keep us updated x
From Blog: We saw bears :)
8th May 2012

All looks fab !Liverpool destroyed Chelsea 4-1 tonight at anfield ,battered them !! Keep in touch x

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