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16th August 2009

Thanks for sharing your experiment in floorboarding a Sportster. I've been dying to do this, and I'll benefit greatly from your guidance. Happy trails!
22nd July 2009

Sounds like you had a great trip. Thanks for the read!
18th July 2009

I see your point Jim. Great Rally, thanks so much for offering it! I had a hoot. And its always great to get a chance to talk with riders of that caliber.
16th July 2009

Great read
Sounds like you had fun. I plan on doing a rally soon ... I think .... just not sure the Shadow 750 and I are up to it. I have two SS1000 and a BB1500 under my belt so far. Glad to see another cruiser out there! Ride Safe, Alec IBA, AMA
23rd June 2009

Thank you
I am the sister (technicly speaking sister-in-law) to Matt Kelley.. I wanted to thank you for this.. it's been nearly 5 months now and still feels like my sister called me yesterday to tell me he was never coming home...It still hasn't really hit me.. I just wanted you to know I appreciate your post.. I miss him, always will.
15th May 2009

The Natchez Trace
I really enjoyed your report on your Natchez trip. I would like to do same this summer. I often take a day trip to New Orleans, and thought coming home on the trace sounds like a possibility. Thanks for the great info. I'll tell you how it works out.
28th April 2009

Hi Cindy, Thanks for posting this. I was on my way to ride the Trace last September when something came up and I had to scrap the trip. I am still planning on going, sometime in the fall I will try again. Your travel blog will surely help me in deciding what I want to see and what I may skip. I did get to do a "East Texas Ride" in October, but I think the Trace trip would have been more interesting.
21st March 2009

Forgot to respond about my range. You are right, I get about 50 MPG. That puts me at almost 200 miles before I hit reserve. I have two 4.5 gal tanks the blue/silver and the silver. I am trying to figure out how to mount the blue/silver on the back and use it as an auxilliary tank for endurance rallies. Gas stops kill your time in those.
21st March 2009

RE: Wowzaa!
It just seemed like I would make one little change then the idea that I could do 'this' too, then pretty soon I am riding a bike that looks like a wasp. The little gauges that are velcroed on my speedo and tach are glow in the dark thermometer and analog clock from www.formotionproducts.com. The first thermometer leaked the oil out, a local dealer replaced it. After a couple years the clock battery went dead. I know use the 5 function digital display located over the speedo and tach for time and temp.
20th March 2009

At first I was like "WTF, why do that to a motorcycle!" However after valid reviews and comments from others, I can see why you added all the pleasure gear to your motorcycle. The 883 with a 4.5 gallon tank can probably keep up with some of the longer hauler touring bikes because of the 883's better gas usage. My question to you is what are the yellow, glow in the dark looking gauges on your gauges?
16th February 2009

Thank you Matt Kelley and the wonderful Patriot Guard
I was born and raised in cameron misssouri. Last Saturday on Feb. 7, would have been my mother's 73th birthday. Instead of going to the cemetary, I became a part of something these eyes will never forget. To be a part of our community coming together, to honor our fallen hero, is something I will never forget. My sister in law, daughter, and grandson attended this memorable event. We did not no Matt Kelley personally, but by the time the weekend was over, I believe he became a part of every member of our town's family. I proudly waved my American flag, while standing across the street from the Methodist Church. My grandson,Parker sat in his stroller, and waved his little flag, as if he also knew why we were there. To see the Patriot Guard, honoring our fallen hero, with flags, protecting his family from those that don't realize that if it weren't for Matt, they would not be able to exercise their freedom of speech, nor freedom of religion. Thank you Patriot Guard and thank you MATT KELLEY!
13th February 2009

Thank You
Harley Mom/Techie/US Marine, Thank you for giving your beautiful observations of the days' events. I loved your choice of pictures to pull this all together. You have done justice to this last journey our hero Matthew has taken and I thank you!
30th January 2009

Thanks Cindy!
Great coverage Cindy! That's the "way it was"! Another memorable year at the ECR. Every year brings another group of XL riders closer together. I have the greatest respect for each and every one of you! 'Til we meet agin'... Lonzo
26th January 2009

I remember this one :-)
I remember this Lady on CZY4PNK when she rode up. An eye catching combination as it was certainly different. Looking forward to this years ECR... counting on seeing you there!! Anxiously waitng for your 2008 ECR report too. Lonzo
18th September 2008

You're amazing
Just sitting here reading your blog and all I can say is wow! A true inspiration for us all. Keep it up!
6th July 2008

Wow, the way you described all the sites and historical places, really makes me want to see them as well. I love history and learning who's who and where its at in each of the states I have lived in. I'm in Arkansas now, but as a child lived in Mo. for awhile. What a great wealth of history there and in Kansas. Hopefully one day, I can view the sites too. Happy to read what a fun time everyone had. Love the photos posted, the one of Sam was funny and like others I have seen of travelers catching a few zzz's on their bikes. Most men seem like they can sleep anywhere. Remarkable story about the gravesite of David Rice Atchison! I never fail to learn something new when I read your blogs. That would be a great question for The Jeopardy Game! Lots of local stories here too of the James brothers and their hideouts in hollows and caves in these parts. Oh but if only the land around us could talk and tell more stories. Thanks Cindy for another mind and thought stirring blog. Ride safe and happy bloggin'.
6th July 2008

What a fun dedicated group of people you all are. I enjoyed the story and reading about how much behind the scenes work goes on to make a run and function like this successful. Thank God for individuals who have time to sponsor The annual Poppy Drives. I realize how much funds are needed by the organization for all that they do and provide to veterans. Years ago, my late husband spent time in several VA hospitals, one being Walter Reed and another in New Orleans. I remember all the things they provided for him and so many other patients. So to realize just how many people it takes all over the country to provide such things is massive dedication. I applaud all that your group does. Thanks so much for the updates here. (A loyal follower of good people).
27th February 2008

Cool Story
Neat story! Looks like a lot of beautiful scenery up there.
25th September 2007

Nice Trip
Sounds like you had one hell of a trip. TAG
22nd September 2007

TN sunset
You hit the nail on the head with the comment about from the saddle of a bike. TAG
22nd September 2007

Reading my way thru
I am slowly working my way thru your posts. i am enjoying them and amazed at all the details of the previous one. Great photos of the fireworks and all the documented stops. Well on to the next one..
6th February 2007

Nice Trip
Enjoyed reading your travel notes. I stumbled upon your blog because four of us are going to the KC Harley plant in June '07 and I too will be trying to obtain the coveted "X" for the ABC point. I'll be watching for more of your articles! Keep 'em coming. hognitro-1450@yahoo.com
2nd January 2007

gee those bikes are dirty, I bet it was hard washing them all
From Blog: Santy's HOG Ride
22nd December 2006

Santy's HOG Ride
I bet Santy will surely tell a lot stories about his HD bike ride and road trips when he get back to the Philippines....
From Blog: Santy's HOG Ride

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