Emily Anne's Guestbook

11th March 2014

Hi Emily: Glad you're doing well. Excellent pictures. Stay safe and have fun!
8th March 2014

This was not one of our favorite cities. You've taken some wonderful photos. Glad you are having a great time. We look forward to reading more of your adventures.
7th March 2014

Thanks for sharing your sabbatical...
and I look forward to reading about your adventures in Kyrgyzstan.
7th March 2014

Thanks so much, can’t wait to blog from Central Asia!
3rd March 2014
Lang Tang Valley Trek, Day 3

Dang LangTang!
Excellent adventures and choices! Orgasmic oreos at the top, beer and chocolate over a blizzard--you clearly have your priorities straight! Fab photos and very entertaining style--keep it up! We also want to hear about your adventures around Vancouver--we want more! Namaste and mellow yellow!
4th March 2014
Lang Tang Valley Trek, Day 3

Dang Langtang indeed!
Haha, thanks Tara, glad you enjoyed, it really was quite the trip. I’m off from Nepal today (after spraining my ankle walking through Kathmandu, classic!) and will be doing a not-sanctioned-by-the-Lonely-Planet roadtrip with my mom before leaving for Kyrgyzstan at the end of April. Stay tuned! Also, your time inSA looks incredible too, I was in Peru in September and LOVED it! Cheers!
22nd February 2014

Good one
Another good blog.I think those carrier thingies are called palanquins, btw.
21st February 2014
Spices are a big deal in India, Jodhpur bazar

The spices
I must have taken 50 photos of the spices. Love it. Thanks for sharing.
21st February 2014

Nice Photos
Can i use these photos of your for my personal use.
16th February 2014
Camel at sunup

beautiful pic!
made me smile! Thanks for sharing!
16th February 2014

Another really excellently written one!
16th February 2014

Well written!
15th February 2014

I must say very nice photographs, and coverage
Welcome to India, I liked your blog... looking forward for more updates. I have just started to write travel blogs..pls visit..http://www.travelblog.org/Bloggers/Prabhat-Singh/ . Tips from excellent writer like you will certainly help. let’s continue to share our travel experiences
13th February 2014

Pesty touts
I loved your story about running into two guys from the hostel and ignoring them because you thought they were trying to sell you something. That is priceless. Loved the blog and glad you are on the front page now. Keep traveling and be safe.
15th February 2014

Front page?!?!
I’m on the front page!!!! This makes me so happy! Cheers!
13th February 2014
Taj Mahal

No one can describe the beauty you will see and the feeling that comes over you.
13th February 2014
And the skies cleared!

Fantastic photo
Aren't these moments amazing?
31st January 2014

You have GOT to write a travel guide, girlfriend. I am laughing my head off here in Florida, especially after our travel experience today with the trolley driver who didn't speak English and the elderly French couple who tried desperately to help us and made us follow them off the trolley where they promptly told us "this is not where you want to be." Great.
28th January 2014

You had rabies? Does Vanessa work in Nepal?
28th January 2014
My favourite part of Sunset time

A nice cold beverage
Artsy shot...very nice.
27th January 2014
And then the clouds came in, but I had a new friend

awesome photo!! :)
27th January 2014

Beautiful pictures! Thanks, Emily! Keep safe and enjoy it all. Love from White Rock. Ann
16th December 2013

Great write up, any info on the bugs?
I see you did the hike in the height of summer, I was wondering if there are many bugs on route?
17th December 2013

Hey Drew, The bugs weren’t too bad, we were definitely wearing bug spray though. The camping spot at the top was right beside the rushing creek and it had a good breeze, but there were some bugs up there. When we were there the campfire ban had just lifted, so it was a pretty ideal time to do it really. Cheers!
27th September 2013

It sounds like you are having an amazing time. Although your stories are enough on their own, I loved this post because I giggles every time I read the word Titicaca...yeah I'm 10 years old inside - lol!

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