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28th July 2014

Challenge accepted. Here I go...99 more. p.s. so far so good!
28th July 2014

With for an itty bitty bit
Emily… you and your blogs are a total treat to all who read. I was so lucky to spend a few hours with you eating waffles and touring the monuments of DC before your most current PC adventure. You are a soul sister, adventurer par none. I solute you … and praise every sentimental moment in the above written blog. You are my hero!!!!
28th July 2014

Congratulations on your 100th blog...
and you are humorous! And sentimental as well. You have had an amazing life of travel thus far. I look forward to congratulating you on your 200th blog, and will read everyone in between. I must say you are the first Canadian I ever heard of being in the U.S. Peace Corps.
28th July 2014

The Fake American
Hi Bob, thanks for your encouragement! And yes, the Canadian in the PC thing is odd. My mother was born and raised in the states and then moved to Canada to marry my Dad and then have dual citizenship’ed children!
27th July 2014

The Blue Bible
I'm glad it was accurate because that is not always what we find. Your next two years are bound to be an experience of a lifetime and we love each chapter. Great waterfall. We've always found that the scary looking taxi drivers drive better. Eagerly awaiting your next blog.
27th July 2014
View of the forest from the small Waterfall

Beautiful area of the world!
Thanks for sharing more pics on Kyrgyzstan! I was cycling there a few months ago and it was a fabulous experience! keep discovering and posting! Are you picking up any Russian or...?
27th July 2014
View of the forest from the small Waterfall

Kyrgyz classes!
Hey Jeremy, great to hear from you, I happened upon your blogs when I first found out I was coming to Kyrgyzstan, they were a great intro to a previously unknown part of the world for me. And no Russian, I’m learning Kyrgyz, oi! Cheers!
15th July 2014

Peace Corp
What a wonderful experience you are on. Always thought I should have gone into the Peace Corp. We are eager to read all the ups and downs. Good luck.
From Blog: My Osh home
9th July 2014

Do they have toilet peper there? Just asking because when my mom visited a friend in Egypt, she was told to bring a suitcase of toilet paper (which she did).
9th July 2014
Osh Bazar

Fine photo of lots of dried things, but my big question is, Do you get greens, and if so will you get them through the winter, or will you just be having a dismal diet of sheep, tea and bread? Glad you have the big Osh for entertainment.
7th July 2014
Osh Bazar

Off to market
They all look similar but suck us in and we must go check it out.
25th June 2014

Hi Emily:
Thanks for the update. Glad you're having "adventures." Next time, please let me know a little about your work - definitely not boring. Stay safe!
23rd June 2014

thanks for posting pictures of the details. I didn't know it had that much details. its just absolutely stunning. now i wanna go!
23rd June 2014
That’s us!

A toast to your many children!
This is the funniest blog I've read in a long time--I even chuckled the second time through. Seriously, you have a future as a comedienne. Bring on more of the "outhouses, dysentery, stifling heat, and sheep intestines" and tell us what you'll be doing as a Peace Corps worker. Incidentally, that tin outhouse looks suspiciously new, as in, bought only for PC woosies--aren't you lucky!
23rd June 2014
Pot grows freely.  But being PCV’s we do not smoke any.

that's crazy! they just grow like grass without anybody planting them? do a lot of people smoke pot and is it legal there?
23rd June 2014
Osh Bazar, Bishkek

Great shot
Always love going to the market.
22nd June 2014

Kyrgyz Tricks
It does sound as though you are having a wonderful time. Brings back memories of Goa where the cleaners of the outhouse were the members of the local pig family - nothing more startling than having a pig's head in your toilet bowl. Enjoy the warm weather. I'm assuming that winter comes early. By the way - Any yaks in your part of the world? Yak's milk ice-cream....mmmmm!
30th May 2014

you really got my hopes up when you mentioned karaoke The content of this comment is purely my own. The opinions and views expressed here do not reflect any position of Canada or Canadians. Just the ones who like to belt out Journey songs.
12th May 2014

Keep doing good girl and it will be done unto you:)
12th May 2014

Love it
Fantastic entry Emily! I look forward to reading about all your adventures. Please be safe!! Xoxo
11th May 2014

Will you be back in DC?
We have left California and relocated to Fairfax VA just outside of DC. We'd love to meet you if you are back this way. It sounds like you are going to have a fantastic Peach Corp experience. I look forward to many more blogs.
11th May 2014

1st Lesson in Kyrgyz
A live sheep hanging in the tree would have been so much worse. Note *Intestines (cleaned, of course) make perfect sausage casings. l Loved the blog entry. Can't wait for the next installment. You could find a deck of cards and teach young Ernazar to play 'Snap' - so much easier to learn the language from a child - no modifiers, no extra words, just the basics and words like 'underwear' are hilarious to young children so very easy to amuse. C
11th May 2014

Good stuff
I'm looking forward to reading about your adventures - both in-country and in the Peace Corps. Keep writing!
11th March 2014

Hi Emily: Glad you're doing well. Excellent pictures. Stay safe and have fun!
8th March 2014

This was not one of our favorite cities. You've taken some wonderful photos. Glad you are having a great time. We look forward to reading more of your adventures.

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