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Asia » Indonesia » Flores » Ruteng February 25th 2011

I slept well although the call to prayer did wake me at about 4.30am, Ruth went to breakfast while I walked for a few kilometres up the road to a bank with an ATM, by the time I finally got back my breakfast was cold. Augustin arrived a short time later with our new driver they tried to up the price which resulted in an unpleasant exchange, but I managed to push them down a bit and it cost us $259 for a car and driver for four days. By 9am we were on our way, as with many Asian countries the main highways are often lined with villages and businesses and Flores is no different, the landscape is tropical lush and green, with numerous fruit trees growing wild. The roads are narrow and often dangerous ... read more
The Trans Flores Highway
Chickens on the way to Market
Spider Web Rice Terrace

Asia » Indonesia » Komodo February 22nd 2011

Started the day with a walk to the closest ATM, at 7am it is already hot and we both perspire all the way there and back again then it was a traditional Mie Goreng for breakfast in the hotel dining area. It is nice to relax and do nothing this morning but enjoy the outdoor shower and watch an old movie. At 12pm we were delivered to the airport domestic terminal where we gorged ourselves on Dunkin Donuts before checking in for our Wings Air flight at 1pm. It was a smallish prop plane and it was quite full, lucky we werent hungry or thirsty because there was nothing available on this flight. At 3pm we descended into Labuanbajo and I swear it was the most scary landing I have ever endured, we slid all over ... read more
Arriving in Flores
Views of the port
View from our hotel balcony

Asia » Indonesia » Bali » Denpasar February 21st 2011

A 4.30am start to the day then down to the bus stop for the 5.21 airport bus. I must admit living so close to the bus route has saved us a lot of money over the years. We were through immigration by 6.30am and spent a little bit of time in duty free before boarding our flight, we paid extra for the seats over the wing because there is more leg room and fortunately the third seat was empty so we could spread out a bit. We had a special lesson on how to assist our fellow passengers out the emergency exit, LOL, I think I will be worrying more about my own escape. Virgin Pacific charge for literally everything including water and there is no in flight entertainment unless you pay fortunately the payment system ... read more
The Alit Hotel
The Alit Hotel
The Alit Hotel

Oceania » Australia » South Australia » Burra October 30th 2010

I met my walking partner outside a small country pub in Manoora on the way to old Burra Rd at about 8am on what looked like a nice day. It was decided that I would leave my vehicle on The Old Burra Rd not far from the Morgan Whyalla pipeline and then we would drive from there to the start point on Worlds End Gorge Road. The walk started well, the country side was native bush and was pleasant with signs of native wildlife and birds visible as we followed the Burra Gorge Creek through the Hallelujah Hills. The time went by quickly as my co walker and I swapped our histories and stories about our lives, he seemed suprised at how well travelled I am and we were able to discuss the sights and shopping ... read more
My Hotel

Oceania » Australia » South Australia » Tanunda October 2nd 2010

Ruth and I decided to do the Tanunda to Kapunda walk today so we dove to Kapunda and left the car there before continuing on to Tanunda. We knew were to leave the car as we have walked here before. On leaving the main street at around 8.30 in the morning we walked down a hill and over a creek before following country roads through vinyards and farms. We saw a few lizards sunning themselves and the odd Kangaroo as we walked. We left the roads only briefly as we followed a track down a hill passed a telephone tower before crossing Stonewell Rd before heading back up hill past a winery before passing under a new overpass and making our way into Greenock. Greenock looks like a nice little town unfortunately nothing was open, the ... read more
Heysen Trail - Tanunda to Kapunda 037
One huge blister
Ruth crosses a bridge in Tanunda

Africa » South Africa » KwaZulu-Natal » Dundee July 4th 2010

I left Ermelo the next morning and drove down to Dundee a town in the middle of the Battlefields region. It took much longer than I expected due to road work all along the N11 -apparently its been going on for years and was supposed to be completed before the World Cup commenced. I am staying at the Royal City Inn a beautiful rambling old inn built in the late 1800's and my hostess whose daughter lives in Stirling in Adelaide has moved me to a much better room. I visited an interesting museum just outside town before returning to the hotel for a great meal. The morning of the 28th I set out for Isandlwana where the Zulu Impi's deceived a British force leading most of the troops on a wild goose chase, before wiping ... read more
Koisan - Rock Art
Entrance to the Battlefield
Buffalo River

The next morning after consulting my hosts I set off to self drive in Kruger entering at the Phabeni Gate which is the closest to Hazyview at 16 km away. I followed a route a long a river and saw little in the way of wildlife in the first hour then I came upon a couple of bull elephants munching away on some trees by the side of the road. There were plenty of Impala as well but it took another half hour of photographing the many bird species before I saw a herd of Giraffe off in the distance. It wasn't long before I saw a large herd of frolicking Zebra and Wildebeest. I then spotted mongoose, and squirrel and some other antelope species. Then I came round a bend in the road to find ... read more
Now thats a shlong
Impala male
Giant Hornbill

Africa » South Africa » North West » Rustenburg June 20th 2010

I had an early start that morning as I seemed to do every day on this trip. I packed up my gear then went down stairs to wait for my car to be delivered at 8am. Naturally the car company was late with delivery, but it was a cute little car none the less. I departed the hostel thinking, I knew the way out of town, but I must admit I was a bit nervous driving on African roads for the first time and this probably lead to me missing the turn off. I was on a one way road and couldn’t turn around so I took a road on the left that took me into a produce market area. I couldn’t find an exit so I wound down my window to ask directions of couple ... read more
My bus cabin outside Rustenberg
The inside
Long Tom

Around 7am the next morning I was picked up out the front of the Durban Hostel by a couple in a van who delivered me to the backpacker centre in St Lucia - the trip was quite pleasant and St Lucia appeared to be a nice little holiday town with a fast food restaurant just down the street. I left my bag in the hostel and went and got some lunch before returning to use the internet while I waited for the bus. Around 3pm we were on our way - soon after crossing the Swazi border we caught a glimpse of giraffe through the trees so the driver stopped to allow us to take some photos. Late in the day the Baz Bus delivered me to a drop off point just a few kilometres from ... read more
Giraffes along the roadside
My means of transport so far
Swazi Hostel in the national park

Africa » Lesotho » Sani Top June 13th 2010

The Anstey Beach backpacker hostel in Durban is mainly for surfers and is far from the city centre so there is not much to do nearby except surf, so I booked myself on a tour to the Sani Pass and Lesotho (pronounced Lesutu). I was picked up around 10am and was driven to a meeting point where I was joined by two Brazilians called Luiz and Luiz, we then headed to Underberg where we joined a German couple, bought some takeaway for lunch then transferred to a four wheel drive vehicle. We drove for perhaps twenty minutes spotting a large troop of baboons cavorting around on a golf course before arriving at the South African border post. After taking care of formalities we began the steep climb up through the mountains to the Sani Pass, it ... read more
Scenery on the road to Sani Top
Scenery on the road to Sani Top
The Twelve Apostles

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