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3rd June 2012

Keep on truckin'...
I have stumbled across your blog again & have literally spent the last 45 mins. catching up. What an unforgettable month (for good & bad) you have had on your travels, wow, just wow. Your Galapagos journey sounded amazing, a trip you shall always remember. And swimming with dolphins, let's just say that's something I've ALWAYS wanted to do. Your description makes me want to do it even more now. Stay safe, enjoy the rest of your adventure, and looking forward to hearing what you're up to next.
2nd June 2012

Way to go, Rosie!
Hi Rosie! I'm at May 5th in your blog. Am greatly enjoying it. Have never had the fancy to go to Central America prior to reading it and now! I want to go in the worst way. Everything is well here. School is almost done and holidays await. Am keeping up with your mum and sister. There are well but miss you terribly (don't tell them I said that). Cheers, Carly
1st June 2012

overcoming obstacles and problems
Rosemary, I think you are an amazing young woman! AMAZING!!!!!
From Blog: Cousin Issues
1st June 2012

Interesting stuff
Hi Rosemary, Wow! You fit a lot into your blog and all very interesting. I'll go read some more now. Your mom sent me the link.
From Blog: On Ecuador
15th May 2012

Now. Are you not absolutely glad that you took my advice and make that special trip? It's probably a "once in a lifetime" adventure that you can discuss with people who have never been there. It's one thing you will never forget. Good for you guys!!
15th May 2012

Your wonderful report brought a smile to my face and revived many memories of my visit there.
15th May 2012

lucky you....
Seriously, though.....how do you really feel about the Galapagos?
5th May 2012

Now THAT was a genuine South American experience! Ouggage AND wallet stolen AND a broken bus AND a hospital visit. I must admit, I have experience almost all these things... but not all at once.
1st May 2012

Hey Rosemary! Great Blog! Looking forward to reading all about your trip.
1st May 2012

I'm excited to see notices of new blog posts, and hoping you'll be able to post some pictures. It sounds wonderful, absolutely. So glad your mum shared the link to your blog with our group. I'm living vicariously through your updates!
28th April 2012

well done...
keep the posts coming. There's nothing like a good travel blog when one is stuck at home. Sounds like the second hostel is the one to stay at in Quito. I have no tips, because i was only in the Galapagos, not the mainland.
27th April 2012

Hi Rosemary!
Your mum sent me a link to your blog, how very exciting! Have a fantastic adventure (although you have already seen and done SO much in Asia already) ;) Glad to hear that you are doing well and keeping up with the traveling. Very jealous of your footloose & fancy-free days, have a blast. BTW, we are still in the UK, Sebastian is now 5 yrs old, and my little girl just turned 3! We hope to take them to China one day. x
From Blog: 26 hour journey

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