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February 18th 2010
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Halong Bay - the UNESCO World Heritage Site. Not to be missed. How to enjoy it? Go on an overnight cruise. If time permits, stay a couple for days to visit the many isles / national park.

3hrs of bus ride from Hanoi and a little confusion at the busy ferry terminal, we boarded the cruise ship for 2D/1N to tour the famous Halong Bay leisurely.

During this period, Halong Bay was like a giant piece of chinese ink-painting of sea & mountains. The thousands of limestone "islands" were shrouded in fog and dim sunlight. Looking closer, the water was tranquil emerald... adding peacefulness to the place. The leisure cruise ride perfected the enjoyment on the upper open-top deck. Even though it was really cold to stay on the uppper deck, I persisted... din want to miss the moments.

The cruise also brought us to the Surprise Cave and Titop Island. Surprise Cave uses lightings aptly by focusing on significant natural formations. Tour guide claims that Titop Island has a great vantage point after the 400-odd-steps-climb to the top. Great things equate great effort. But I tot it wasn't so worth it coz the great view at the top was blocked by unkempt wild plants.

Night falls ard 6-7pm. It was pitched dark outside so time to enjoy the interior, ie. dinner. And, we turned in early (at ard 9pm) as there wasn't any form of entertainment aboard.

And the 2nd day went pretty much the same with taking pleasure in the cruise of Halong Bay.

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Surprise CaveSurprise Cave
Surprise Cave

Yes, this's the name of the cave. The ceiling was formed like this as there used to be water in here.
Look who's hanging out there!Look who's hanging out there!
Look who's hanging out there!

outside surprise cave
The room of the cruise shipThe room of the cruise ship
The room of the cruise ship

Simple, clean and comfy bed. This is actually where I slept best throughout the trip. Wished there was TV though.

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