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Asia » Pakistan » Islamabad August 25th 2012

After nearly a week in Islamabad, it's only fair to write an update of how things are going... I had an absolutely gorgeous bedroom in Saher's place- in fact, it was her room! Only in Pakistan are the people so hospitable that the bride will give up her boudoir so that you can sleep easy. I felt really bad one night when I noticed her father (the man responsible for organising most of the wedding) sleeping on the marble floor in the corridor. I had repeatedly asked 'Are you sure it's okay for me to have this room all to myself? I can share it! I honestly don't mind at all!' Ahem, be careful what you wish for. On one of the nights I was unexpectedly bombarded by three loud young ladies from downtown Islamabad. They ... read more

Asia » Pakistan » Islamabad August 22nd 2012

After a flight that was worse still than the one from Milan to Dubai (this time the vegetarian option was 'bread and butter only love' and there was a terrorist scare as soon as we boarded) I was surprised, overwhelmed and delighted in equal measure that I had a kind welcome as soon as I stepped off the plane. It made the kid who'd been lobbing bits of chewed up bread roll and snotty tissue at me throughout the flight seem but a distant memory... Saher (Raza's wife to be)'s father is a high-ranking officer in the Pakistani Army and so he was allowed direct access to the plane. He was a warm, smiling chap who greeted me with a bear hug as I left the aircraft (I didn't think that was the done thing). A ... read more

Asia » Pakistan April 15th 2012

Arriving in Islamabad airport, finally I am here, after a difficult visa process, sending my passport back to Brazil, and a decision to take a flight from Urumqi because I wouldn't like to wait 15 days more to get the bus by Karaokorum highway, even I knowing I will lost a beautiful scene on the road. I got a host from Rawalpindi, near to Islamabad, his name is Suleman, so I called him when I was out of airport, he would come to pick me up, I hadn't a local number that time, there were a lot taxi drivers offering to take you to the place, so I refused the service saying I have a friend coming, and he offered me his phone to use, I thought that was kind, but in the end he asked ... read more
Buddha statue
Ancient town Sirkap

Went to Gilgit in the winter of 2011 to study the government and private schools operating there.... read more
Gilgit - Dec 2011
Gilgit - Buddha Carving at Kargah Nulla - Dec 2011

Asia » Pakistan » Lahore December 30th 2011

It seems a long time ago since I last posted a blog entry; about my poor broken bike. Probably because it has been a long time! I’d like to say it was because I’ve been too busy, what with this world adventure travelling, but Tanja might disagree and say it’s because I’m lazy.Anyway, a lot to write about. Leaving Iran After getting the bike going again we waited in Kerman for Damon to arrive. Being a ‘local’ of sorts – he lives in Sydney but was born in New Zealand – he immediately became known as ‘Day-mo’. Although he has complained a little about this. But, hey if he doesn’t want to be Australian then he probably shouldn’t have become a citizen and got himself a passport. Damo it is. After Damo arri... read more
The box of tricks
Bam fortress
Early start from Bam


Asia » Pakistan » Punjab » Lahore March 3rd 2011

I actually saw the airing of Nat Geo, Don’t tell my mother: Delhi, the other day here in Pakistan and chuckled to myself. How fitting now, as I walk over the border from India into Pakistan, little brother in tow, mother intentionally uninformed. I would venture to say that given current geopolitics and furthermore the ongoing ex-Blackwater CIA-spy Raymond Davis case currently in Lahore, Pakistan is probably in the top 3 most dangerous countries for Americans to travel to. Well… surprise, Mom! Postcard is in the mail – get excited! … Lahore, the capital of the Pakistani state Punjab which holds more than half the country’s population, is also known as Pakistan’s cultural capital and as a city of poets. Sitting just 30km from the Wagah border and historically set along strategic trade routes between the ... read more
islamic art
anarkali bazaar at night
me and the bro

Asia » Pakistan » Karachi February 14th 2011

Attending Hadi's Wedding with Chris and Seb.... including Trip to Lahore and Islamabad... read more

Asia » Pakistan » Peshawar January 27th 2011

The Road to Peshawar On my way to Peshawar, on the Pakistani side of the Afghanistan border, I was very fortunate to sit next to a very nice man who I ended up having some very interesting conversations with. He kept telling me that it is his duty to warn me about the dangers of Peshawar for Americans and Europeans- due to the US government's support of India in the Kashmir dispute and their backing of Israel. He explained to me that Lahore is very safe but in Peshawar people are much more conservative and take religion very seriously. "Militant groups exist and they lust for American bloodshed. If you insist on visiting Peshawar I will pray to Allah for your safety because I think you are a very nice person," he said with an intense ... read more
Local kids
Watch out for the guy with the AK47
Action Shot!

Asia » Pakistan » Lahore January 16th 2011

Pakistan Zindabad!! Long live Pakistan!! The first words I learned in Urdu upon crossing the border at Wagah. "Asallam alaikum and welcome to Pakistan! You are a very brave man. You aren't scared?" a smiling man greeted me as I walked my first few steps on Pakistani soil. "I'm here right? Not scared, just excited to be here" I replied back. I was ready for whatever Pakistan had in store for me, which ended up being more exciting experiences than I could ever imagine. The bus dropped me off somewhere in Lahore's noisy, chaotic downtown after asking several locals and finally finding sometime that could speak a bit of English help translate, I had a cab driver drop me off at Regale Chowk, where unknowingly I would spend the next ten days. Although I had no ... read more
Praying at Thar Thar Thar Bhar Mosque in Front of a Camera For a Pakistani Documentary
Pray for the Camera

Asia » Pakistan » Northern Areas » Nagar Valley » Summayar December 23rd 2010

join the ultimate beauty of nagar valley gilgit pakistan: zahid summayari... read more
nagar valley photos pictures
nagar valley photos pictures
nagar valley photos pictures

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