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December 31st 2006
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Yeah sick.

Yesterday i was starting to see the appeal of ski porn (which is basically videos of Xtreeeem skiiers/snowboarders doing Xtreeeeem things - if ur into it, watch "Tangerine Dream"). Tonight its making me a bit sleepy. Of course its super motivating and sometimes even jaw-dropping SUGOI, but it's new years eve and there's drinking to be done.

It turns out japan is into "hip hop" quite a bit. In fact some of the guests are cranking some in the dining room. Its a tough choice; rappo, or ski porn. I choose beer. Which, incedentally, happens to be predominantly Asahi Super Dry (my favourite in the whole wide world at the moment) in the Hakuba region. A one litre can is about 500 yen, maybe $6.00 NZ. Once again, Sugoi. Of course we haven't quite finished the two bottles of 42Below, but its perfectly imbued flavours have been a minor hit and i wouldn't be surprised if it was drained by the morrow. Into the marrow.

Now we're about to watch a ski porn video called "Ski Porn", with a hip hop soundatrack. Aren't we spolied?

I think we are the first Kiwis to stay at

snow is great. we had a huge dump.
Hakuba Powder Lodge. It's both a privelege to be the pioneering nz missionaries to such a hardcore ski lodge (re: the crew) and a slight bummer for nz that we can't ski or board worth a damn. So if you're into your backcountry stuff check out Hakuba Powder Lodge, or just the Hakuba area. But what would I know. I'm a n00bl3t and a punter.

ok, attention span waning. remmeber to look out for potential avalanches et cetera.

heres som epics of K and I at Iwatake, the next resort along from Happo-one. We liek totallly got less shit there today.

yes, the 42Below has gone down a bit since i started tyoing, ytping, typing.

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Katsu Kari yumyumKatsu Kari yumyum
Katsu Kari yumyum

bise bise bar. A blizzard of sorts forced all of us softies into the restaurant at the top of the gondola. this included all the pverdressed prancer locals. Wow, they have some bright jumpsuits.

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