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February 28th 2012
Published: February 29th 2012EDIT THIS ENTRY

Monday was my first full day in Bali. Man its hot.

I felt really intimidated when I arrived here, the place was not as welcoming as other countries I've been to. Then again where is there an airport where you land and you do feel welcome? It certainly isn't London thats for sure.

I was pretty tired when I arrived as I'd been travelling the full day but the next day I went out to have a look around.

Kuta is essentially a resort town, big nightlife, shops full of tat all selling the same thing but get away from that and head to the beach and you'll soon know its well worth the trip.

In the 2 hours I was walking around (getting lost mainly, looking for the beach) I had hard drugs stuffed into my hand. Offered sex with minors at least 5 times, offered massages at least 20 times, was forced into a handlock twice for ignoring vendors and someone threatened to strangle me. I suppose its like walking through Normanton but the weathers hotter :-).

Today started off with a surfing lesson. I was picked up at 08:45 and went to a bar that I'd been to yesterday that has a surf school at the back. I had 45 minutes of theory and then went out into the sea. By the 3rd go I was standing up on the board. By no mean am I "ripping curl" but I've seen enough to book in for a lesson tomorrow.

I then went for another walk around and knowing full well what to expect it was a little more pleasant as I just walked through everything and ignore the seedy stuff. I stopped off at bomb memorial, this is fitting monument to those who lost their lives in the terrorist attack back in 2004. 202 people died in total including 28 brits when a suicide bomber detonated his vest in paddy's bar. As everyone ran out to escape the inferno a second much larger bomb inside a van was detonated outside. This was timed to go off after everyone had chance to congregate outside the club causing maximum devastation.

I then headed out with some guys from the hostel to a beach across the island to watch the sunset. Unfortunatley all we saw was cloud.

Tonight the plan is to head out again and have a few drinks as a few people are leaving tomorrow. Then again, this is hostel life. People are out every night.


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