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May 1st 2008
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Hand driven wheelchairs at Limb Centre
Yesterday away at 8.30am to go to Jaipur. On way called at Fatehpur Sikri to see the Mogul Palace. this was very interesting with a good guide but spoilt by persistant sellers of jewellery and crafts.
On the journey we passed a varied farmland, from wheat farmers and single cow farms to brick works and stone cutters. The sandstone carvings of all sizes lined up alongside the road were a marvel.
As we entered Jaipur I have never seen such depravation with people living in absolute squalour and poverty. It makes the heart blead.

Today we had a guide again, who took us to see the Limb Centre in the City Hospital. This was a very interesting trip to see a very skilled workforce, many with prosthetic limbs themsleves, making artificiail limbs from rubber and plastic. We were told that many limbs are lost due to gangrene and also due to many railway accidents. We were not surprised since at every railway crossing we came to when the barrier was down everyone just walked and rode underneath it until the very last minute.
The afternoon was spent at the Amber Palace which was reached by old Mahindra Jeeps with dodgy
Amber PalaceAmber PalaceAmber Palace

Amber Palace Jaipur
steering. From the palace on the hillside we could see much of the walls surrounding the city which are 21 km long and were built to help keep out the Moguls.
At 5.30pm we set off in the minibus on the death race to Delhi to catch our plane for a 24 hour journey to the cooler climes of England.
Upon reaching Delhi we were met by a fog of pollution which made us cough and eyes stream, what a place to live (or die).
The end of a very interesting and eye-opening tour of Northern India.

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Jaipur wallJaipur wall
Jaipur wall

Jaipur Wall from Amber Palace

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