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April 3rd 2007
Published: April 3rd 2007EDIT THIS ENTRY

This evening Carrie and I decided to go to the cinema. Think we confued the ticket guy when we asked for any film that wasn't English hahahaha.

So we opted for Namastey London. Got into the cinema to find that the seats reclined, how cool was that. I have never been in such a comfortable cinema and as for the film, well that was great. One of the best films I've seen in ages and I couldn't understand most of it as they spoke Hindi and there weren't any sub-titles hahahahaha.

It was a typical chick flick and was just so funny and romantic, how slushy hahahaha.

Before we went into the cinema we went into 'Scary House' which is a nafer, smaller version of London Dungeons, but were we frightened, wit things grabbing us and shouting at us in the dark we spent the whole time screaming and Carrie was supposed to be the brave one hahahaha, I told her I didn't want to go in because I know what I'm like, I watch spooky films in the day time with the lights on hahahaha. But no, I ended up going in front most of the time, and at the end there was a midget dressed as an axeman and that was just tooooo freaky for words hahahahaha.

So I recomend Bollywood films they are jsut soooo good so we are going back next week hahahaha


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