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June 29th 2012
Published: June 29th 2012EDIT THIS ENTRY

I do not have the need to return for a job in a hurry, so I have changed my ticket for the 14th of July...

I am pretty excited with the decision.. a hard one to make. But it is done. I will go to Gulin, and then to Yunnan province, and in the way back to Chongsha and the Avatar Mountains

It was pretty sad that the client does not have the inmediate budget to start with the 2 research projects, but there is not time for me to complain or grief, life is short, I am already here, I will stay here until my visa says no more...hopefully the jobs come after that.

A stress day, full of difficult decision, but in the end, everything has a reason, I should move one and enjoy what I have...I will re-meet Marcelo in Gulin, I have almost finish my BrotherĀ“s book. Amazing, amazing, I like it a lot. Now I need to buy another one from the same author..!

No clue about south China, I have not research or study about this area much, I was not supposed to be around here, so I will share with you more, as soon as I discover and live this journey.

Love for the far east, I am glad I am escaping again to the cold weather and far away from the rainy humid coast.


29th June 2012

Que cagada!
Venis igual a nyc?
29th June 2012

Ask Eloi, he travelled for 40 days in south china!

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