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August 9th 2007
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Today we got our first good look at our new school, the International School of Dhaka. We were picked up from our apartment at around 8:30am and picked up other new staff on the route to school. The rivers are still swollen and so the driver had to go an alternate route to bypass the flooded roads.

The school is an oasis. It really is. The pictures below show just how great the insides are. We will add pictures of the outside later.

Today was a lot of house keeping: a tour of the school, mobile phone sim cards, salary advances, a meet and greet with the new director.

After school we had a dinner with all the new staff at a lovely Indian restaurant. Every one is really cool, no great egos or wankers which is such a relief!

Additional photos below
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Bec's ClassroomBec's Classroom
Bec's Classroom

This is the view from Bec's door
Bec's ClassroomBec's Classroom
Bec's Classroom

This is the view towards Bec's door. Lot's of space!!
Bec's ClassroomBec's Classroom
Bec's Classroom

Even more space. This dog leg to the right reveals more storage.
The Elementary wellThe Elementary well
The Elementary well

The elementary wing of the school has a large open area for student and classroom use.
The LibraryThe Library
The Library

A library! Books, books and more books are on there way!!!
Sunken reading areaSunken reading area
Sunken reading area

This fantastic space is on your right as you enter the library.
The Library labThe Library lab
The Library lab

A designated bank of 12 computers are available for booking.
The LibraryThe Library
The Library

We can't get over how good the library is!
Beautiful gardensBeautiful gardens
Beautiful gardens

In between the cafeteria and the elementary wing are these beautiful, lush green gardens for the kids to sit in.

Another great aspect to the gardens.

16th July 2007

Congratulations Mates!!!
The photos look fantastic. Q. Does Bec ever not have a beautiful smile in a photo? Enjoy your honeymoon! Love from Tom and Xiao Qin
10th August 2007

great school
The school looks amazing, I can't believe how big your classroom is and how great the library looks. Makes me miss teaching but of course I love being a mum! Luv Kath

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