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Africa » Tunisia » Tunis October 13th 2010

we have travelled around this beautiful country many times and discovered hidden gems ... read more

Africa » Tunisia » Tunis October 12th 2010

Next stop is Tunis, the capital of Tunisia. Tunis is located in North Africa and shares some similarities to Morocco in terms of culture. What I didn’t see were donkeys, stray cats, people begging… then again, we only went to the old town where the medina was located and a local village. Here we saw goods that were similar to what was sold in Morocco - shoes, bags, pottery, jewelry, poofs, etc… I really wanted my mom to experience a souk. Following the medina, we headed to the picturesque village of Sidi Bou Said, where we had free time to see the beautiful area. All the houses and buildings were white with blue doors. Similar to the souks, there were tons of goods being sold. After some pathetic negotiations, my mom walked away with a beautiful ... read more

Africa » Tunisia » Tunis September 19th 2010

Returning to Tunisia felt like coming home. Everything seemed so familiar, except the lack of long queues to get through immigration at Tunis Carthage Airport. Even the inevitable delays at Heathrow were shrugged off. We found out a few days before we left that one of our friends was going to be on the same flight so we met up with Najoua which helped to pass the time. It also turned out that the young couple we spoke with briefly during the delay were going to the British Council too!! We were met at the airport by a driver who was expecting us to have a large amount of luggage. That's a relief as we would never have squeezed our NINE bags into a small taxi! Then we were taken to the Hotel Ariha which is ... read more
Tunis Medina
Medina Cafe
Tunis Theatre

Africa » Tunisia » Tunis April 11th 2010

Début de l’aventure Après 23 heures (de chez nous à l’hôtel), nous voilà enfin rendus à Tunis. La température est magnifique, quoiqu’un peu frisquette (un petit 14C)… parfait pour visiter. Voici l’hôtel El Mouradi, où nous séjournerons pour 2 nuitées. Dimanche 9h, départ pour une tournée vers le nord-est, après avoir visité le centre-ville de Tunis et le souk. Première visite, le musée Bardo (M.Sadok, notre guide, nous assure que le nom n’a rien à voir avec Brigitte), riche en mosaïques romaines de grande valeur et de pièces archéologiques, datant souvent de l’époque romaine. Plusieurs statues ont le nez cassé, œuvre des soldats du Vième siècle. Étant en rénovation, plusieurs salles n’étaient pas disponibles, mais vous auriez dû voir les belles photos que nous en avions prises. Mais elles ne passeront pas à la postérité car, ... read more
Musée Bardo
Medina de Tunis

Africa » Tunisia » Tunis April 1st 2010

Dougga was such an amazing place. From the road it doesn't look like much but once you've parked up by the impressive amphitheatre and wandered into the ruins, you can explore for hours. We certainly spent much more time there than we had anticipated. It must have been a massive and impressive city in its day. The huge forum is also very impressive. It's not until you stand at the base of it's gigantic columns that you get any idea just how tall it is. Beneath the forum are the remains of the city including mausoleums, houses, baths and even a brothel! Words cannot do justice to the place so hopefully the photos will do a better job! From Dougga we drove for several hours towards the coast. Our next destination was the water temple of ... read more
Dougga Roman Ruins
The Forum
Roman Forum


Africa » Tunisia » Tunis March 24th 2010

Having said a sad and fond farewell to our friends in Sousse, we headed up North on the train to Tunis. We were supposed to be met by a car rental agency after we had negotiated a really good rate on line. They didn’t turn up and they wouldn’t answer their phone! Oh well, the best laid plans and all that!! So we took a taxi out to the airport where Russ did some hard bargaining and before long we were on the road up to the city of Bizerte, some 40km North of Tunis. The further North we got, the more the scenery looked like England, but with sunshine and the occasional palm tree! Bizerte was a bigger place than we had imagined. It’s not exactly over developed when it comes to tourism which is ... read more
Enjoying the hike
Northern Coast
Northern Coast

Africa » Tunisia » Tunis March 14th 2010

I know I'm long overdue for a blog but time is just flyin by....soo here is a brief update: I had almost 7 weeks off for the holidays. One week my good friend Beth, who I met when I was studying abroad in Chile, came for a visit along with her cousin Mackenzie. So Christmas was spent with them - I even had a Christmas treet - a surprise from a friend of mine. New Year's was spent with friends at a house party with lots of sangria :) I rang in the new year and was in bed soon after! A few days into 2010 I went to El Gouna - an amazingly beautiful resort town on the Red Sea - with the family that I tutor for. It was ridiculous - we stayed in ... read more
Beautiful doors all over the city
Tunis - Greece meets France meets the Arab World
I'm gonna have one of these doors one day!

Africa » Tunisia » Tunis February 24th 2010

We decided to take the train up to Tunis for a couple of days to see what the city was like with a bit of hustle and bustle. Last time we were there it was a public holiday weekend and so it was eerily quiet. This time the intensity of the city hit us as soon as we got off the train! We walked round to the Transatlantique hotel which was cheap (38 Dinar / £17 for a double room with breakfast) and sort of cheerful. It’s colonial decor was faded but interesting and the mosquitoes seem to have failed to notice that it is still winter!! Half an hour on the train from the Maritime station, just beyond the ruins of Carthage, is the town of Sidi Bou Said, Tunisia’s answer to the Greek Islands. ... read more
Sidi Bou Said
Sidi Bou Said
Sidi Bou Said

Africa » Tunisia » Tunis December 1st 2009

Just half an hour by train from the centre of Tunis is the ancient Roman city of Carthage. Normally sites of antiquity are set in remote areas but here the modern city of Carthage surrounds the World Heritage Site. One ticket buys you entry into all of the Heritage Sites, but you have to pay extra to get into some of the museums. The different locations are a bit spread out but if you don’t mind a walk, it’s fine. First up for us was a climb to the top of Byrsa Hill. Up there we saw the Cathedral of St Louis. It’s extra to go in so we just visited the National Carthage Museum next door from where we got a splendid view of the surrounding countryside, the city suburbs and a close up view ... read more
Misty Mountains
Cathedral from the ruins

Africa » Tunisia » Tunis November 30th 2009

We arrived in Tunis, capital of Tunisia, late on Tuesday night because of dreadful weather at Heathrow. Though only a few hours behind schedule it gave us no time to orientate ourselves. Instead we just took a taxi from Tunis Carthage airport to the Hotel Ariha , unpacked a few things and turned in for the night. Our French isn’t up to much so far and we ended up speaking Spanish to the taxi driver and broken English at the hotel!! On Wednesday morning we got our first taste of croissants for breakfast with some cheese and turkey salami. There was to be little variety over the 4 days we stayed in Tunis! Afterwards it was time to go and meet our new employers, Amideast, an American NGO with whom Russ will be teaching at regional ... read more
Tunis by night
Empty chairs at empty tables
Medina gate

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