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Africa » Tunisia » Tunis » Borj Cédria June 2nd 2011

My dad is a realist. His travel philosophy is to assume he will never be back to a particular part of the world and thus he tries to see all that he can while he is on his adventure. I am more of a dreamer, I guess. I wish we never had to end a trip and dream of ways to make sure I can return. And Kyle's travel philosophy? He is already planning the next trip three days into the current trip! We all handle the end of the trip differently. Dad's mind started wandering to the happenings at home and the to-do lists waiting for him a day or two before the return flight. As you know, Kyle left the adventure earlier than dad and I so he could tend to the demands waiting ... read more
city view in Ghardaia
The valuable wells of the oasis town
In the heart of the Sahara Desert

Africa » Tunisia » Tunis » Borj Cédria May 21st 2011

Finally accessed a computer that could manage our photo demands! Theses are random, but a photo is worth a million words, right? ... read more
Lunch break in the Medina
Fighting off the hard sale
Dad's new office in the Medina

Africa » Tunisia » Tunis » Carthage May 20th 2011

....even on vacation! The good news is we are having fun, the bad news is we ran out of money and had to take on some custom hayfield work to pay for dinner! How happy we were to turn the corner and find a small hay crew at work! We had been seeing loads of hay traveling around, but could not find an active hay crew. These guys could not believe we knew how to stack hay and would be in hayfield shortly after we returned to America! Thanks to Kyle we had our own interpreter!... read more
Let me help you with that...
Too many cooks in the kitchen?
Checking out the hay production in Tunisia

Africa » Tunisia » Tunis » Carthage May 17th 2011

You know that song about everyone being famous when you live in a small town? (Miranda Lambert) Well, the funny connections of being from a small community never cease to amaze me...even in Tunisia! We have gone our entire trip without seeing an America. We jumped for joy if we could even find a poor soul who understood a little street English. We ran into 2 Canadians who were a bit snooty and pretended they did not understand English (so we counted them as EuroTrash). The locals have assumed us to be French, Italian, Spanish and even the occassional Deutsch (argh!!). On mutiple occassions, I have even been told I am Arab. So you can imagine our delight when we spotted a young couple in the hotel lobby who informally passed our "is that person an ... read more


Africa » Tunisia » Tunis » Carthage May 14th 2011

I know there was some head shaking and tongue clucking when people heard we were not changing our trip after the revolutions began in January and after the situation with Bin Laden. The concerns were valid and appreciated, but we are happy to report we have been having a great time in Tunisia. We have also felt nothing but safe as we move about the country. We have been following the 9 pm curfew and listening to suggestions from hotel staff and the like. However, the signs of revolution are not hard to notice while we are moving about the country. We shared an elevator with a man who had his arm in a cast. Dad made a casual, concerned comment about it looking painful and he informed us it was the result of getting shot! ... read more
The writing on the wall
Libyan demonstrators near the Libyan Embassy
Signs of a country dealing with unrest

Africa » Tunisia » Tunis » Carthage May 14th 2011

We crossed borders and are enjoying the spoils of Mediterranean life: gorgeous weather, gorgeous views and gorgeous communities. Years ago when we were dreaming youngsters, Kyle and I said we planned to have a retirement home in Tunisia. Who knew a couple of 20-somethings could be so smart? Who wouldn't want to retire here? After only days of wandering around Tunis, Kyle deided it was one of his favorite cities of all-time! That says a lot! To be honest, we were a bit nevervous to leave Algeria because we were having so much fun and wondered if Tunisia could match-up with their neighbor! We wandered the maze-like alleyways of the old Medina and probably photographed 100 different doors (sounds stupid, I know). Every turn of a corner produces postcard worthy beauty. We ate like kings in ... read more
Every corner is picture worthy
Could spend all day here
Is this Northern Africa?

Africa » Tunisia » Tunis March 24th 2011

The journal continues, dear reader , from where we left off in Egypt. I boarded an Air Egypt plane for the three hour flight west to Tunis in Tunisia. It's obvious to all that a visit to Libya at this moment is completely out of the question, but my best wishes go to the Libyan people as the country grapples with an escalating civil war. I'd like to point out my presence in North Africa during the 2011 uprisings is purely coincidental, having booked my tickets and planned an itinerary months in advance. Your humble travel correspondent has no pretensions of being a latter day Che Guevara, chasing down revolutions from country to country. Yet incredibly my itinerary has taken me from one North African country weeks after a revolution, then flying west over another country ... read more
Place du Gouvernement, Tunis
Revolutionary martyrs
Sidi Bou Said tower

Africa » Tunisia » Tunis December 19th 2010

Hey guys ! Greetings from Africa !! I is made it , my third visit to this amazing continent, and no less spectacular than my first two. In fact, I’ve had a really great impression of Tunisia so far, and a great first few days. Just awaiting my train towards the south of the country now, and looking forward very much to discovering more! Arrived safely on Friday afternoon in Tunis, the country’s capital, after an absurdly early wake up call at 2.50am, and a transfer in Rome. Beautiful city, long, tree-lined boulevards and elegant, albeit dilapidated, early 20th Century French colonial buildings, in the French ¨Nouvelle Ville¨at least, but of course just next door the chaotic, frenetic ,market-on-speed which seems apparent in every Arabic city, the ancient “medina” area. First day just spent wandering around, ... read more
Me, Sidi Bou Said
Byrsa Hill summit, Carthage
The Tunis Medina

Africa » Tunisia » Tunis October 16th 2010

We flew from Algiers back to tunis and arrived in familiar terrain- confused and complicated visa on arrival proceedures-taxi scrums and soon we were back in old Maison Doree Hotel. We met the group we were joining and did some shopping-dinner out-early to bed and in the morning we were off on our Oasis trip-16 of us. The route took us west and south across areas we had not seen on last Tunisian trip. First to Dougga and a wonderful Roman Amphitheatre aqnd baths. These ruins were beautiful set in open fields and well preserved. We continued on to Le Kef where we stayed at the Hotel Sidi Venereum. (Hotel venereal Disease). This place is also interesting-There is a Medina-Kasbah on the hillsside on top of which is a great fort,synagogue and fantastic views of surrounding ... read more
Tunisia MatMata
Tunisia MatMata
Tunisia MatMata

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