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July 5th 2011
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The lodge I stayed at last night was on the rim of Ngorongoro Crater at 7,400 feet. The Crater floor is at 5,400 feet. I believe on the drive down it only takes about 6,000 feet of road to drop the 2,000 feet. I don't believe the road would meet U.S. safety standards. When I got to the room the heat was on and the bed had two heavy blanks. I have determined that when it gets below 65 it is considered winter. Then they came and put in a hot water bottle while you were at dinner. I had to remove both blanks and the hot water bottle in order to sleep. This morning I would say it was somewhere in that 45 to 50 range at 5:45 a.m. when I got up. Not bad for 7,400 feet. I was comfortable in my long sleeve safari shirt. When I went to breakfast the staff was all bundled up in their fleece jackets. When I went to the cruiser the top was closed, the heat was on, and Pokea was bundled up in his fleece jacket. Said it was a very cold night. I did not have the heart to tell him that 50 or less is a high on many days back home.

Went to Tarangire NP today. About 2,600 square miles. Large population of elephants and we saw many of them. Many more than at Serengeti NP and closer. Sorry for the delay but there is a large herd of elephants moving in front of the camp--need to go photo. I'm back. Besides the elephants, Tarangire has a large zebra population. Other than this not the variety or numbers of Serengeti NP. Watched a baboon steal a lunch today. Did see another cheetah today again at a distance. No good photos. The only mistake I have made on the trip was on Day 4 when I decided to video the cheetah walking by the cruiser instead of photos. Oh well, I guess I will have to come back and try again.

We are to be out tomorrow again at 6 a.m. I saw no. Told Pokea we are going to sleep in. The body can't take another day of pounding. What are called roads are not. If you were going to stay here for any length of time you would need rest days. I know now why most lodges offer massages. I'm surprised my equipment is still working after the jarring and pounding. I don 't think I'm going to get much sleep tonight. Staying at another tented lodge tonight. There is already a lot of activity going on and the CS is already patrolling. I still need to make the long 500 feet journal from tent to dinner hall and back with being someone else's dinner.

Back from dinner - without be eating by anyone else.


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