Photos from Cape Town, Western Cape, South Africa, Africa

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Shark adventure.
Girls4Girls Team and the coordinator at Helderberg
NEW Program
New training program
Robyn's Grandpa
Boulder Beach
Ostrich Farm
Coast Stop
Man kissed Sea Lion at the Wharf
Tia Shooting beach side
12 Apostles
View from our balcony
Lion's Head
1403-53 Visiting with Theresa Jonke-Brown that night
1402-52 The Constantia winery vineyards
1402-51 The grapes for red wine ready for harvest
1402-50 The Constantia winery--Sharon and I sat to right--passed glasses down to the 'guys'
1402-49 The Constantia winery--wine and cheese tasting
1402-48 The Constantia winery--the stem and vine refuse
1402-47 The Constantia winery--where grapes were separated from the vines and stems
1402-46 The Constantia winery wine vats
1402-45 The Constantia winery
1402-44 Overlooking the prison hospital where Mandela was treated, the US Embassy, and the Constantia wine region
1402-43 An abnormal road sign--did not see any of them
1402-42 As Christina would say 'how weird' is this
1402-41 Not a bit of snow in sight--just dunes and bolders
1402-40 One of the more popular spots to see the penguins
1402-39 Penguins are thisaway
1402-37 We never saw mountains producing clouds before
1402-36 A normal road sign
1402-35 An Eland near the parking lot
1402-34 The tram we rode up the mountainside
1402-33 Overlooking the Cape (where the picture of us was taken) from the lighthouse
1402-32 Looking northward along the coast from the lighthouse
1402-31 The climb from the tram stop to the top
1402-30 The lighthouse of the Cape of Good Hope
1402-29 Sharon and Valerie at the Cape of Good Hope
1402-28 A bontebok grazing by the roadside
1402-27 One of two 'beacons' that when aligned properly allowed the ships to safely navigate the Cape prior to the lighthouse
1402-26 Old-style colonial coastal service building
1402-25 One of several thatched houses overlooking a lovely long beach (probably Noordhoek)
1402-24 In several places the road was cut out of the mountain side
1402-23 Sharon demonstrating the strength of the wind coming down from the mountains--not up from the ocean
1402-22 Close up of Hout Bay with The Sentenial to the left
1402-21 Hout Bay with The Sentenial to the left
1402-20 Another view of the coast
1402-19 A memorial to a leopard that used to come down every day at sunset and sit on this rock
1402-18 Here and there one sees old Dutch architecture
1402-17 A large cargo handling crane that wrecked as it was heading toward Cape Town on a barge
1402-16 A few of the 12 Apostles on our way to Cape Good Hope
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