Photos from Cape Town, Western Cape, South Africa, Africa

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1403-53 Visiting with Theresa Jonke-Brown that night
1402-52 The Constantia winery vineyards
1402-51 The grapes for red wine ready for harvest
1402-50 The Constantia winery--Sharon and I sat to right--passed glasses down to the 'guys'
1402-49 The Constantia winery--wine and cheese tasting
1402-48 The Constantia winery--the stem and vine refuse
1402-47 The Constantia winery--where grapes were separated from the vines and stems
1402-46 The Constantia winery wine vats
1402-45 The Constantia winery
1402-44 Overlooking the prison hospital where Mandela was treated, the US Embassy, and the Constantia wine region
1402-43 An abnormal road sign--did not see any of them
1402-42 As Christina would say 'how weird' is this
1402-41 Not a bit of snow in sight--just dunes and bolders
1402-40 One of the more popular spots to see the penguins
1402-39 Penguins are thisaway
1402-37 We never saw mountains producing clouds before
1402-36 A normal road sign
1402-35 An Eland near the parking lot
1402-34 The tram we rode up the mountainside
1402-33 Overlooking the Cape (where the picture of us was taken) from the lighthouse
1402-32 Looking northward along the coast from the lighthouse
1402-31 The climb from the tram stop to the top
1402-30 The lighthouse of the Cape of Good Hope
1402-29 Sharon and Valerie at the Cape of Good Hope
1402-28 A bontebok grazing by the roadside
1402-27 One of two 'beacons' that when aligned properly allowed the ships to safely navigate the Cape prior to the lighthouse
1402-26 Old-style colonial coastal service building
1402-25 One of several thatched houses overlooking a lovely long beach (probably Noordhoek)
1402-24 In several places the road was cut out of the mountain side
1402-23 Sharon demonstrating the strength of the wind coming down from the mountains--not up from the ocean
1402-22 Close up of Hout Bay with The Sentenial to the left
1402-21 Hout Bay with The Sentenial to the left
1402-20 Another view of the coast
1402-19 A memorial to a leopard that used to come down every day at sunset and sit on this rock
1402-18 Here and there one sees old Dutch architecture
1402-17 A large cargo handling crane that wrecked as it was heading toward Cape Town on a barge
1402-16 A few of the 12 Apostles on our way to Cape Good Hope
1402-15 Parking on the roofs of the buildings--reminded us of the Amalfi Coast
1402-14 Many nicely built houses and resorts along the coast
1402-13 Play areas and paths along the Cape Town beaches
1402-12 Cape Town was filled with green spaces and a mix of old and new
1402-11 Malay Quarter Cape Town--often repainted houses for a celebration
1402-10 Malay Quarter Cape Town--settlers from Spice Trade times--note mosque
1402-09 Evidence that Table Mountain was closed--too windy and cloudy
1402-08 Clouds being generated from Table Mountain
1402-07 Robben Island and Green Bay development from atop Signal Hill
1402-06 Table Mountain to left and Lion's Head to right from Signal Hill
1402-05 Cape Town from Signal Hill
1402-04 A few of the township homes on way from Cape Town airport
1402-03 Sharon on Johannesburg airport's answer to no gangways to accomodate wheelchairs
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