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October 3rd 2011
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So after some time here we are getting quite use to the idea of haggling for pretty much everything that we need to buy. Of course some things you get the idea that the price is set, grocery stores for example and museums for another. But something strange happened the other day, when we were about to go into one of these museums. We noticed the price for tourists which were 500 shillings and the ... Read Full Entry

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3rd October 2011

Hi Chris, Hi Diana, Got you at last! Kept postponing and I guess I should have visited this blog sooner. Just to recap, we met very briefly in Diani as you were checking out of the Camp site, remember? What an amazing account of your trip... Even more amazing is the camera work. The pictures are fantastic. Congrats to both of you. You depictions of your adventures are so real and very credible; you paint a very honest picture of my country. It makes a wonderful read and you guys are very very interesting. Your account of the visit to Marafa is very hilarious, ha ha ha... I wish was in the background to watch it all. Anyway, hakuna matata!! I am very proud to have met the both of you, even if for a couple of minutes only. After Diani I came back to Lamu! Yes, Lamu!! This is where I work - in a Community Development project giving technical assistance to Government departments. (Details later, if you don\'t mind) My home is in Eldoret in the Rift Valley, towards western Kenya. Well, I haven\'t read the whole account of your voyage (quite a compilation) but believe me I will spend sometime every evening to trace your trip from start to present. A little about Lamu, just an update... Its really sad that things got out of hand. The government has shut down all links with Somalia along this frontier, sea, land and air and intensified patrols - a little too late, I might say. The French hostage is reported to have been rescued while two Kenya Navy officers are missing after the rescue mission. We are all advised to keep away from potentially dangerous situations. Well, so much for now. Please feel free to get in touch at any time. I\'ll be glad to address any queries and offer opinions while you are on your adventures. Most of all, God Be with You, Diana and Chris, Cheers!! Kizito
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