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May 19th 2009
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We bushcamped in an old Quarry near Wa and Annie almost stepped on a snake! No harm done.
Continuing along the western border and terrible roads we made it to Mole National park where we camped.Where we entered the world's cheapest National park...only $3 guided tour of Ghana's largest wildlife park (4660 sqkm) having some 90 species of mammals, elephants,baboons, warthogs, waterbucks and antelopes.....We hired a guide to do an afternoon walk....You literally walk with the elephants....not too close but watching them bath in the water from the edge....So many baby elephants,who are really cute and very 'child like' playing in the water. Warthogs and baboons wandered past us in our campsite as we ate. Further south we camped at some waterfalls and then on to Tekiman and a jungle walk in the monkey reserve where we saw "mona" and "black and white Collar mass" monkeys.
Ahter so long in the desert ,it was exciting to see the landscape changing as we moved south from Mali to Ghana. First the sahel and then savana then forest and as we moved into central Ghana and Kumasi,very thick forest. We stayed at the Presbyterian Mission camping on grass in the grounds. The market is the biggest in west Africa. Anything and everything is available. It is so crowded it is both oppressive and exciting. Annie had a pedicure on the sidewalk amongst the chickens and the vegetables. By this time we were very accustomed to Star Beer the Kumasi made drop. After a junk food infusion it was on to the coast and we were looking foward to a swim and a little less heat. After a very long day we arrived in Dixcove at night and after knocking down some low wires we made it to the green Turtle lodge-one of many beachfront camping/backpackers. Annie and I pitched our tent a couple of metres above high water and in the full moon we felt we were cast away. 3 days were spent on R+R. After our batteries were charged we went back to Dixcove and started looking at the historic slaving castles; Fort metal Cross and then St George Castle Al Mina ,the oldest European Building south of the Sahara 1482. These are sad places and a very powerful reminder of this human suffering. Further East and ever closer to Accra was Brenu Beach Lodge with a similar M.O. Then Big Milly's
Fort Metal Cross DixcoveFort Metal Cross DixcoveFort Metal Cross Dixcove

Slaving castle from 15th century Slave Coast Ghana
at Krokobite 30 Kms west of Accra. Annie and I escaped this hell hole for 3 days at New Haven Hotel in Asylum Downs (air con,big bed,own bathroom) This was our 1st hotel room in 9.5 weeks. We have now had our washing done by someone else and have obtained Togo and Benin Visas. We have completed all our internet activities, seen all the sights and filled up with junk food. Tomorrow we press on back to adverse conditions again.

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St George Castle Al MinaSt George Castle Al Mina
St George Castle Al Mina

The oldest European Building south of the Sahara. A very sad reminder of the Slave Trade
Coffin Shop AccraCoffin Shop Accra
Coffin Shop Accra

Different themes for different people. They send coffins all around the world

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