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July 23rd 2009
Published: August 2nd 2009EDIT THIS ENTRY

Another adventure beginning with the journey to get there!


* crazy bus driver - windy mountainous roads.....not a lot of brakes used!
* First class seats....up front next to the crazy driver, who sang and laughed the entire way, while smoking, texting and ´controlling´the bus around hairpin corners high up in the hills! Best thing to do was to accept, enjoy the views and stay as calm as possible! Very entertaining for us and our travel companions from the UK, Katie and Robbie

* 2 hours later we were dropped off in El Tambo, a small town 10 km´s of bumpy, windy, unsealed pot hole roads away from Ingapirca - we grabbed a 4 wheel drive taxi and arrived in Ingapirca 30 minutes later.....a village of maybe a couple of hundred people (tops!).....
* Found a ´hostel´- perhaps the most ´laid back´of all hostels we have found! (See way to explain it!)
* The Inca ruins were only a 10 minute walk from the we headed up for a quick look (from the gates before the darkness set in!).....
* Dinner of tuna, bread and tomatoes in our room, trying to stay warm (pretty cold up in the mountains!) and early night......the village pretty much closed about 7pm......
* Up early to visit the Inca ruins properly..........really cool, amazing to imagine the Inca´s building all this so many years ago....especially for 2 Kiwi´s who haven´t been to Peru!

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