A morning of serious ,...adventure.

Published: March 25th 2007EDIT THIS ENTRY

Breakfast was early today as we had to be ready to board our 4-wheel truck for the 30 minute journey into the sub-tropical jungle. This morning's adventure would cost $25 US funds, but it was well worth it. The trip would take us deep into the jungle to property belonging to the Argentinian army. The adventure company pays a per person fee for all the visitors that come onto their property. The roads are always red in colour due to the amount of iron oxide found in the soil here.

At the first stop everyone was hooked up with waist harnesses, helmets and gloves. We climbed up 22 metres to a platform where there was a 400 metre Zipline. One by one we were launched over top of the trees and traveling at speeds (according to our Physics teacher, Mr Siu) of 60 feet/second. We had a lesson on how to brake or slow down, some executed this maneouver better than others. Fortunately there were guides waiting at the first platform to assist in stopping you before you crashed into the huge tree that the zipline attached to. At the first platform you unhooked your pulley, climbed another 5 meters, hooked up again then were launched another 200 meters above the jungle. On many occasions your feet would be hitting the treetops. At the second stop you repeated the process and rode the final 200 meters to the finish. It was amazing how much braver we all were on the second and third parts of the zipline as opposed to the first part.

Then it was onto the bus, leaving your waist harness in place. We drove about ten minutes then descended down some path for about 500 metres. Here we found a small waterfall and one by one we repelled our way down the rock cliff/waterfall. Everyone got drenched. Some more than others depending on their skill level. Mr. Siu stole the show when, due to his Physics training, he decided there was a better way to repel down, rather than using the feet wide apart technique. Don't worry we have everyone on video tape. We loaded up again and were driven back to the hotel.

We will have our lunch in Iguazu Falls then at 3 PM we are off to the airport for the 1 1/2 hour flight back to Buenos Aires, where we will spend the remainder of our holiday. The thought from all, during the waterfall descent was, it is too bad that Ruth couldn´t have been here to try this one.

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"Where's Waldo""Where's Waldo"
"Where's Waldo"

This picture is an "eye test"....can you see her?

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