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January 22nd 2009
Published: January 22nd 2009EDIT THIS ENTRY

happy new year blog lovers everywhere it is 2009 and we are back with some more excellent photos for you all...

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Fern gets hungryFern gets hungry
Fern gets hungry

Alan would taste better with a bit of Chilli dipping sauce...everything does
Angry non driversAngry non drivers
Angry non drivers

If I can´t do it no one will!!!

A prickly reception
Big tall hairy thingBig tall hairy thing
Big tall hairy thing

I mean the cactus!!
look how high we are!!look how high we are!!
look how high we are!!

bloody hard too breath though, all thoses llammas taking up oxygen!
Captin Scotts DiaryCaptin Scotts Diary
Captin Scotts Diary

Day 122 Ss still not reached the summit...
Captain Scotts DiaryCaptain Scotts Diary
Captain Scotts Diary

Day 123 Got there!!
Our MFI christmas homeOur MFI christmas home
Our MFI christmas home

Fortunately it came ready assembled
My new carMy new car
My new car

only a slightly newer model than my last micra machine!
A strange face in the rocksA strange face in the rocks
A strange face in the rocks

Alan swears he hasn´t been here before..
Alans new girlfriend...Alans new girlfriend...
Alans new girlfriend...

Smells a bit fishy!

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