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500 Pan Dulces  

I'm dreaming of a white Christmas 500 Pan Dulces

I'm dreaming of a white Christmas

December 29th 2008
A very blessed and merry Christmas to all of you from Villeta, Paraguay. After what has seemed like weeks of almost triple digit temperatures, I am enjoying a coolish day of 77 oF as I write this post (it is supposed to get up to about 90 oF later, but that’s really nothing). It is rather different for me as I have spent 21 of my first 22 Christmases in cold weather climates with snow, the exc ... read more
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Paraguayan Flag In the disastrous War of the Triple Alliance (1865-70), Paraguay lost two-thirds of all adult males and much of its territory. It stagnated economically for the next half century. In the Chaco War of 1932-35, large, economically important areas were ... ... read more
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