Millford Sound

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Wow, what a day! I don’t think there is a lot to write here, and the pictures will only tell one tenth of the story, if that.

Today we took the Real Journeys bus trip down to Milford Sound, something like a 100 km drive, and then their boat trip out on the Sound (actually Fjord, but that’s another story). This was pretty much a time-budget thing, as we would have loved to do the Milford Track, but we don’t have four days to spend doing it, but had to see the Southern Alps and the Sound.

The words “beautiful”, “awesome”, “awe inspiring”, “amazing” get thrown around a lot down here, especially for us, but they don’t even come close to describing the Alps and the Sound. I’m glad we took a trip to Yosemite last Fall, as we had it fresh in our minds, and truly, the mountains here in Fiordland rival Yosemite in every way. Interesting that they are both glacier-formed; nature has a way of being a pretty good artist.

Anyways, we were picked up at our Holiday Camp at 7:30, and got to the Sound a bit after 10. As you can see from the pictures, it was a mostly sunny day, although cool. The lack of rain caused for many apologies from our driver and captain, as we apparently didn’t get to see any waterfalls. Being from California made us kind of laugh, as we counted dozens of different waterfalls, anything from continued runoff from the last rains two days ago to a few glacial runoffs, some big & fat, others high & dwindly. It was really quite magnificent.

Our driver made about 4 stops on the way down at various photo-ops, and at least that many on the way back. The boat afforded unlimited photo opportunities, and we shot over 70 pictures and probably took a good 10 minutes of HD on our video cam, I’ve included some of the highlight photos, and we’ll have a lot more on our Flickr site when we get back. This will be a day we’ll both remember forever. Tomorrow we are off for Wanaka.

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A Kea

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18th March 2011

I love reading about your trip!! It is such a wonderful way to end the evening. Continue having a great time and do not bother responding!!!! xoxoxo Diane
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