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May 26th 2008
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Beach Near OrewaBeach Near OrewaBeach Near Orewa

Just North of Auckland, we spent a night here listening to the waves.
Just in time to be behind again, we are catching up on our blog! With about two weeks remaining until we depart New Zealand, we embarked on a journey North of Auckland to the farthest North tip.

Our travels took us through one of the larger Northern cities of Whangarei, where you can see some photos of below. We stopped at "the most photographed waterfalls in New Zealand" just minutes from town and had a picnic lunch before continuing north to Whale's Bay and Matapouri Beach. Here we stopped for a sunny break and met some locals, a five year-old boy and his father splashing in the waves.

The locals were friendly and one bloke even brought by some fresh Snapper he had just caught and cooked on the beach. Eating a fish with eyes watching us was a bit much for us prairie chickens but it was amazing and fresh; a delicacy that would cost a pretty penny in a restaurant.

Whananaki's longest foot bridge was a sight we almost didn't make it to as floods in the previous weeks had caused landslides over the tiny dirt road. Crews were busy cleaning up the mess as we
Birds of a FeatherBirds of a FeatherBirds of a Feather

Flocking together in Orewa
made our way there. The bridge was quite long, although more impressive when the tide is in!

Additional photos below
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More Good AdviceMore Good Advice
More Good Advice

We loved the road signs and tried taking most of their advice.
The Most Photographed WaterfallThe Most Photographed Waterfall
The Most Photographed Waterfall

This notable waterfall is only minutes out of town and a beautiful place to picnic.
Candid CameraCandid Camera
Candid Camera

Kirby hid behind a tree and caught this one on the waterfall path
We Picked A Rest StopWe Picked A Rest Stop
We Picked A Rest Stop

This beach was by a spot marked "Mermaid Pods" on our map. We didn't meet any mermaids but did meet a nice five year old boy and his dad enjoying the waves.
Fun in the Sun!Fun in the Sun!
Fun in the Sun!

Our new little buddy on the beach
Fresh SnapperFresh Snapper
Fresh Snapper

A young fisherman came to our window and offered to share his catch of the day - a Snapper cooked fresh on the beach. We were brave and ate it even though we could see its eyes...
Footbridge ViewFootbridge View
Footbridge View

Sun shining on the rolling green hills
Cattle DrovingCattle Droving
Cattle Droving

We enjoyed watching the dogs move these cattle past us, on and off the road, they did a great job!

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