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May 4th 2011
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Hello from the seas of Exmouth!!

We stayed the past weekend for the Yacht racing here at Exmouth. Brian and David drove the start boat on Saturday and Sunday, they both enjoyed this and got free drinks, which was even better. The boat racing went well and the hospitality of the Exmouth Yacht club was very welcoming. The Commodore of Sailing James was very appreciative of the help Brian and David gave driving the start boat for the races, there were 4 races on the Saturday and 2 on the Sunday with presentations at lunch time allowing time for people to travel home.

We went to the Drinks and Dinner on the Saturday night, us girls got dressed up for a change in dresses………….. Yes I said dresses, but could we get over to the Yacht club dry was the big question???(Rachelle and Camille LOL) Yes we did how good is that. The trip over was travelled with some trepidation because Brian had earlier got distracted by the Wind rushes. Well, let’s just say that his dinghy sat on the beach for the rest of the morning and by afternoon was well and truly part of the beach.

Brian picked David and me up as our tender had something wrong with it and would not be able to be fixed till the next day. The four of us sat very still going across to shore one wrong move and we would have all been in the water dresses and all.
We had an enjoyable night laughing and talking but decided to head home when the wind and waves both started rising.

We have had cloudy days and windy nights, so the generator is getting a bit of a workout. Noisy bloody thing but at least we can run up the fridges and keep things cool and haven’t had to throw out too much more food. Gareth should be able to life this life real easily, processed food and soft drink keep really well without refrigeration.

We were moored off the Yacht club with views of a great little shack that you Rachelle and Camille would love to stay at. I think it was called The Novotel. But all good things must come to and end and the wind and waves got worse each night, a move was necessary, we needed some sleep. So we moved into the canals for some peace and quiet.

One of the days we went for a walk across to the Resort for morning tea and a chat in this lovely environment very relaxing. Then moved on to have look around the Marina which took half a day. Time just slips by. Need to start sailing again as the waistline isn’t going to shrink at this rate.

We have been doing a lot of walking as this is the only way we can get anywhere, we have walking into Exmouth 4 times which is about 5-6 ks round trip, pulling our trolleys ( we have a photo for Rachelle, Camille and Gareth they requested a photo of the trolley. The second photo they requested was of me getting on and off the tender this is hard because it takes all my and David’s energy to make this happen LOL)

Our new mooring is interesting it is much better in that we are much more peaceful at night on rocking and rolling, don’t need to get the tender to shore, but we can hear builder building all day long these two story houses around us. (You would think people would be more considerate)

We are ready to move on very ready but of cause the weather is not suitable today (Tuesday) we wanted to go yesterday and tomorrow isn’t looking any good either that’s sailing for you, so we are waiting…………..

Till next time love to my beautiful kids Rachelle, Camille and Gareth (hope you are looking after the house and nothing is wrecked, the Garden is still alive and Coco is still breathing) to all other relatives and friends we love you all. Take care.

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Exmouth canal south Exmouth canal south
Exmouth canal south

Our new home for awhile

4th May 2011

Half your luck.
Excellent trip and greatn blog. I am sure you are having a great and well deserved voyage. Take care and God bless.

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