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February 28th 2013
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Hey Bloggers,

I am so sorry for not blogging until now! The last two weeks went by so quickly, I just lost track of time. I have had some hard goodbyes in the last few days, but looking back on my trip, it will be one of the most memorable times of my life. Sorry to keep you waiting, I’ll tell you the tales of my last days in Australia.

Friday – 15th

After I finished writing my blog on Friday I had an amazing afternoon. Kepas took me out of school early to see the National Gallery of Victoria. I was shocked to see so many significant paintings hanging amongst their walls. We walked through the 15th century to 17th century painting first before stopping for a snack at the tearoom. Afterwards, we finished walking the hallways; I learnt so much not only about the art but also about the history of the gallery itself. One person donated almost a quarter of all of the art in the gallery. Alfred Felton was a wealthy entrepreneur who had no family when he died in 1904 so he left his entire fortune and vast art collection to the National Gallery of Victoria. With his money the gallery was able to buy an original rendering of the “Thinker,” and “The Weeping Woman,” by Picasso. Afterwards Michelle and Kepas were kind enough to take me to a beach in St. Kilda for some much needed relaxation and rejuvenation to watch the sunset.

Saturday – 16th

Another spectacular day! Michelle took me shopping at Chapel Street, Toorak. The promenade was jammed with shops, many of them British or European. Having never seen these labels I could say I had a lot of fun! I bought clothes from Oxford, Marc’s, Brooksfield and Patagonia. Afterwards, Tom had a basketball game.

Sunday – 17th

The Melbourne Cricket Ground is huge! My mom’s work client in Melbourne reached out to me and took me on the fabled tour of the MCG. Although we had never met him, my mom talks to him daily, I was excited to meet him. The tour was spectacular! I couldn’t believe the grandeur, or the amount of seats, approximately 110,000 at capacity. Afterwards we had Devon’s going away party at Nathan’s house. It was great to see everyone from Trinity and I even met a few new people. The get together was very special and I had a lot of fun!

18th - 22nd

The week was so wonderful. School is so great, I have made so many life long friends and it was hard to say farewell. Devon’s last day was Wednesday. The school had a big swimming carnival on Tuesday. Their swimming carnival is a big house event in their calendar. How Southridge has: Thunder, Blizzard, Hurricane and Lighting, Trinity has: Sutton, Henty, Hinley, Roberts, Merritt, Arnold, Kent Hughes and Cowen. In the swimming carnival every person in the school had to swim in at least one event for their house. It resulted in a mad day of excitement and competition. Becoming friends with everyone at Trinity is so cool, I had trouble saying goodbye the following week. I even tried to apply for an extension. Unfortunately, it was turned down. On Friday, Tom had to work but Nathan was nice enough to invite me to his house and his parents took us out for Thai food. It was one of the biggest meals I have had in a long time. I was very full.

Saturday - 23rd

A quieter day, Tom and I went to the gym; I played some Need for Speed and got some homework done. Tom had a basketball game around 7:30 and afterwards Nathan’s family took me to their beach house for the night to stay until Sunday. The beach house was amazing.

Sunday – 24th

Nathan and I slept in until 10 before Nathan’s mom made us a delicious breakfast! She made us pancakes smothered in white peaches and banana, with eggs on the side. Nathan and I then finished some homework on the balcony before a lunch of fresh salmon and crisp salad. We headed down to the beach not shortly after and stayed there for 2 hours. The water was warm and inviting, warmer than usual for a late February day. For dinner Nick barbequed some burgers and then we headed back for Balwyn. I watched the Help when I got home before heading to sleep.

Monday – 25th

My last three days at Trinity. Monday was bittersweet; it was my last Monday ever going to Trinity. I got a lot of my homework from home done that day. Afterwards Nathan, Tom and I walked home together and Tom did some work.

Tuesday – 26th

Another productive day at school! For dinner Michelle and Kepas hosted a Ugandan minister for dinner. He had so many stories to tell it was fascinating. He puts all of his efforts into his organization.

Wednesday – 27th

My last day in Australia, I couldn’t believe my trip as coming to an end. I brought a flag to school for everyone to sign. It was a sad day leaving everyone at Trinity. After school I few guys came over for a farewell dinner. It was just want I needed to say goodbye.

Thursday – 28th

My flight left early that morning. It was very hard saying goodbye to Tom and his family. I rounded up my strength and forced myself to do it. I’m going to miss it very much! It was an amazing trip. I will upload another blog shortly with my reflection of these wonderful experiences.

Over and Out,

Jake A. Girling


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