Zion: The Magnificent Promised Land

Published: June 26th 2008EDIT THIS ENTRY

The Very name Zion, a Hebrew word for refuge, evokes this land's significance. It doesn't come as a surprise that Mormon pioneers called this place "The Heavenly City of God".

Several natural features of this breathtaking landscape have been named in a biblical fashion: The Great White Throne, The Altar of Sacrifice, Tabernacle Dome, The Court of the Patriarchs, and so on. No wonder why the Virgin River Canyon evokes the divine: melodies of soothing waters over stones, sculptured cliffs, warm and contrasting colours and an array of plants and animals never seen in such grandeur and harmony.

It hasn't always been like this, though. Accumulating sediments from oceans, deserts and volcanoes were, over a period of several million years turned into stone just to be eroded by the elements into today's mighty canyons; a process that continue and will eventually melt this beautiful canyon away to form new ones. All it takes is time. Unescaping Time.

I enjoyed the over-the-top kitsch and madness of Las Vegas for a day. No place would offer a better contrast to nature than the fabricated happiness of this city's shining neons. I picked up my friend Stefan at the airport and we were soon on the way to one of the most beloved American National Parks.

Zion made my jaws drop open, from the start. It is not a never-ending succession of cliffs like the glorious Grand Canyon. It is made of dramatic, gigantic rock faces elevating from the sides of the river bed, and majestic drop-offs from the cliff edges overlooking the valley. It offers strenuous trails across rock formations of massive power and monumental splendour...

Angels Landing is one of such exciting trails that lead up to the very top of the peak, overlooking the river hundreds of feet down below. I would love to climb it again and again and again! I don't think I would ever grow tired of re-conquering that peak, feeling the thrill of its thin ledges and reviving the pioneers'' insight of angels landing on the bare white rock; the powerful cliff momentarily holding the canyon's fate...

Flowers! I can't stop wishing my mama Clelinha was right here with me, walking between all these delicate, amazing beauties. Tears fill my eyes as I write. I certainly own to Clelinha my sensitive appreciation of colours and details and my openness to emotions. We agree that each day is to be lived to the full, as being alive in this world is such an amazing gift. Thanks, Mum! I'm having a wonderful time and I'm looking fwd to meeting you soon!

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Life in Bright Colours

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27th July 2008

More wow!
I love the picture of the view from Angels Landing. It looks amazing. The contrast between the forest in the valley and the mountains really makes the picture come alive.

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