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August 27th 2008
Published: August 27th 2008EDIT THIS ENTRY

The last storm, Edouard, luckily caused no damage to Nancy and Gabriel's house or mine.
Sure, I had some limbs down on the property, but with as many trees as I have, I get
limbs down in a good strong wind event.

And I apologize for not having updated you on my 'escape' from the storm. I just
recently got my internet back.

Poor Florida was tormented by Fay, deaths there and in the Caribbean.

Newest is Gustav looking for all he's worth as he's headed to the Gulf. He came into
being and escalated to it's current Category One hurricane (actually downsized to
a TS again here at 10 o'clock news time - but I'm not fooled).

And have you noticed his running mates, the depressions that the National Hurricane
Center is watching because of their potential to grow?

They are far too close together to give me any warm and fuzzy feelings.

I will no longer take as much of my 'stuff' with me on an evacuation. I will buy
more 'stuff' (or not) if I lose it all. I will take some clothes and my very important

Hurricane season runs through November. Depending on conditions, it could last longer
or calm down earlier.

As active as the season has been, we'll either be on pins the whole time or get
complacent. Please don't let that happen.

And I have another reason for wanting the storms to stay away from the southeast
Texas Gulf coast: I have a big event planned as a birthday gift to myself and then
a birthday party. Selfish I know, but as good an excuse as any.

Everyone please stay prepared for any storm headed our way and please take
all precaution to not put yourself in danger.


27th August 2008

"Hurricane" Fay
While Fay was hitting Florida FOUR times, her outer bands rained on us (in South Louisiana) for almost a week. Even as she went away, we still got what we call 24 inch rains for 2 more days! A 24 inch rain, in Louisiana, is a steady drip in which raindrops are about 24 inches apart... LOL Guarenteed to make your grass grow 12 inches per DAY!!! grrrrrrrrr
28th August 2008

hang on to your hat sister!!!
I miss you! Maybe the wind will finally carry you to MT! I Love my job. got here to work on the 9th of August. What is the Birthday you have planned for us anyways? just kiddin-- probably won't make it till next spring, Love you darlin!

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