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December 24th 2008
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Okay, so the last few days have been filled with little else than getting up and impulsively travelling around the state and sleeping on various people's couches. A couple of days ago we went and visited the summer camp that Loz used to work at. The puddles there were frozen. It is up in the mountains, but we have experienced a bit of a cold snap! After that we went skiing at a mountain near the city of Asheville.

Skiing is just like riding a bike, right? Right?

So in our small posse we had Jif (snowboarding legend with sprained ankle), myself (ski pro), Piggy (it's been a while), Jive (see Piggy) and Pocket Jive and Loz (never skiid before)

So Piggy and I did our best to teach them, but I soon discovered that I have forgotten how to ski! I did get the hang of it again after eating a bit of powder but the snow on the slopes was really bad- in some places quite icy and in some really sticky and thick so you sink into it) They also didn't have any beginner slopes.

Oh, and both Loz and I got stuck on the chairlift and nearly ended up going down the black line (which was closed). Whoops!

Anyway after a couple of hours of mucking around in the -9C conditions we got fed up and went in search of greasy American food.

Today (Christmas Eve) we did a bit of last minute shopping at the BIGGEST WALMART IN THE WORLD! and are now wrapping presents etc.

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outback steakhouseoutback steakhouse
outback steakhouse

the "australian experience" (the only beer they have is Foster's)

24th December 2008

We are just about to open presents, maybe swim later if sun comes out. Merry Chistmas to you, and to you a good time Dad

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